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Welcome to my online class catalogue. On this page you'll find a range of accessible recorded online classes. All classes are designed to help you overcome everyday physical, emotional and lifestyle challenges, understand your energy systems, connect to your intuition and step into the fullest version of your life.

What you need to know...

The classes cost $49 and last for 90 minutes

They include energy understandings, tools and techniques to make sense of what is happening in your energy fields in relation to the topic we are exploring

Once you've purchased a course, you can watch it over and over again whenever you want to on my course platform

Each class includes a handout to view on the course platform or to download and print 

You also get bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy​

Advanced level classes are suitable for healthcare practitioners, carers and educators who work with others to empower health and vitality. You can also benefit from these classes if, having completed the introductory class of the same topic, you want to extend your understanding to a deeper level

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Featured Classes

MOC weight pic 2.jpg

Optimise Your Size!

Achieve your ideal weight by understanding your energy

headache image 1.jpeg

Heal Your Headaches

Energy tools and understandings to resolve headaches naturally

ceremony image 8.jpg

The Healing Power of Ceremony

Simple ceremonies to heal yourself, your loved ones and the Earth

hormone course main image.jpeg

Happy Hormones

Welcoming ease and balance into your monthly cycle

river 3.jpg

Create flow and balance in every part of your life

Activate your songlines to feel your true magnificence

Feeling fatigued? Try these online classes to help you regain your vitality, energy and healthy sleep


The Sleep Solution

How to restore healthy sleep patterns for increased vitality

Fatigue image 2.jpg

From Exhausted to Energised

Learn essential energy techniques to help heal tiredness and fatigue

MOC oct lightbulbs.jpg

Feel Rejuvenated and Radiant, Every Day

Activate your deepest energy system to dial up your energy and expand your life​

Three classes to help you safely work, play and connect through screens

work phone laptop.jpg

Screens Class 1 - Free!

How to keep your energy safe and strong when most of your interaction is through a screen

work online 3.jpg

You, Your Client and Your Computer

How to work safely and stay healthy doing online client sessions

work online 4.jpg

The Empath Online

Protecting your sensitive system while connecting through screens

Feeling stuck, stressed or fearful? These classes will help you move forward out of your old patterns and into your biggest potential

feeling the pressure MOC image.jpeg

Feeling the Pressure?

Stay safe, resilient and empowered, every day

dissolve fear image.jpeg

Dissolve Your Fear, Embrace Your Vitality

Essential understandings to help you live your fullest life​

MOC sep image.jpg

Clear Old Habits That Hold You Back

Learn a life-changing technique to experience your true potential​

Are you sensitive to everything around you? These classes will help boost your protection, resiliency and stability


EMFs, 5G and You

How they affect your energy fields and what you can do about it

MOC dec stress crowd.jpg

Feel safe, resilient and protected in all situations

Discover what to do when you're sensitive to everything around you

work online.jpg

The Empath Online

Protecting your sensitive energy while connecting with others through screens

Advanced Classes - you'll need to have done the introductory level of each class before progressing to this level *

MOC aug practitioner.jpg

The Pressure Valves of the Body - Advanced

The single biggest determinant of your client's health

*Intro class - Feeling the Pressure


Activate the Songlines of the Body - Advanced

Call into being your client's greatest health

*Intro class - Create Flow and Balance in Every Part of Your Life

work online 3.jpg

You, Your Client and Your Computer - Advanced

How to work safely doing online client sessions

*Intro class - Screens Class 1

Advanced Short Classes


Thank you so much for yet another amazing and profound course, Prune. Amongst other things it gave me more challenging tools for self enquiry.


— Celia Hinton

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