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As a company, Prune Harris Ltd’s vision is for every individual joyfully and powerfully to claim their rightful place in a balanced world.

We work to put this vision into practice in all of our relationships; between ourselves, with our customers and suppliers, with the wider communities we are all part of, and with the planet.


We produce courses, programmes and events that aim to empower individuals to live the fullness of their own lives. We price our offerings fairly, reflecting the web of relationships and value that goes into making them, and that can come from them. We recognise the different circumstances that people are in, and provide a wide range of offerings from free to fee-paying. For all of our fee-paying courses, we offer 10% of total participation for free. 


Trust is vital to a healthy world, and our objective is to cultivate it whenever we can, including by never sharing any customer data with anyone else.

We believe businesses can be a force for good, and there are many inspiring examples of this that we are learning from every day. As well as giving to charities that share our values of protecting​ the planet and empowering its people, we strive to use our business spending to encourage like-minded companies, supporting ethical practices and not propping up destructive or exploitative ones. This means we choose to buy organic, fairtrade and local when possible. These decisions are not always easy, but we understand that the real cost of many goods and services is not reflected in the sticker price, and destroying the environment, avoiding taxes, or exploiting the workers who made it, are unacceptable ways of keeping prices low. So we understand that making the right choice often means making a more expensive choice.


A healthy workplace is one where each person is supported and challenged to evolve in their own way, sharing in responsibilities and in the joys and rewards of doing good work well. We strive for an open and collaborative company, where people love their work, and where that work supports their own self-development. Work is not the purpose of a life well lived, but can contribute to it. We make all our decisions together, pay our people as much as we can, see diversity as a strength, and make sure that all our employment policies put people’s lives first.


And we recognise and celebrate that we all have so much to learn as we move forward together at this powerful time of transition and expanding awareness.


And now for some exciting news...


B corp logo no background.png

In January 2022, we were incredibly proud to become B. Corporation™ Certified and join a global community of like-minded businesses.

As a Certified B Corporation™ we take responsibility for our impact and strive to build a better world. In order to achieve B Corporation certification, we underwent a rigorous social and environmental process that assessed the whole of our business in order to ensure that we create meaningful work with purpose, and use business as a force for good. Being a Certified B Corporation™ represents our commitment to putting people and our planet first. 

I feel it is our responsibility to continue to develop and contribute to a more sustainable and regenerative world. We are continually improving the way we do things and exceeding what is expected of us and the work that we do. We commit to being open to learning from each other, sharing what we have learned, and learning from all the wonderful examples that there are in the world.

While we are delighted to have achieved a score necessary for gaining B Corporation™ certification, we're not stopping there! The assessment process has allowed us to understand where, as a business, we can improve our ways of working and more fully meet the needs of our team, our community and our world. We promise that we'll continue to look at all the ways we can improve our score and do even better for our people and the planet.

What does B. Corporation™ certification mean?

B Corporation™ certification is a trusted symbol for ethical businesses. Wherever you see the B Corporation™ logo, you know that business has been thoroughly assessed and found to uphold the highest social and environmental standards. Certified B Corporations™ use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy, and endeavour to meet the highest levels of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability in everything they do in order to play their vital part in keeping the world a liveable, healthy and safe place for future generations. 


        We commit to being open to learning from each other, sharing what we have learned, and learning from all the wonderful examples that there are in the world.

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