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Welcome... the fast-track of learning how to empower and transform your health and your life by understanding your energy.

I am so glad you are here. 


Each one of your energy systems is involved with keeping you alive AND allowing you to live your most balanced, healthy and vital experience.


If you are new to energy, I'd love to tell you more about it - I have a page that makes it really easy and takes you on a step by step journey of understanding the basic principles of energy, and tells you more about all the resources you can find on my website - you'll find that page here

When you understand how to balance and evolve your energy systems you are empowered to make the choices that work for you, your career, your dreams, your family and your community. You have the ability to change everything about your life that isn’t working for you. 

Oh, and why me? Because energy is my natural language. I was born with the ability to see and understand energy; human energy, animal energy, the energy fields in nature, and the energy fields of connectiveness and consciousness. Yes, it is super cool and after 20 years of working in healthcare in private practice I changed track to share these understandings with everybody, with you, so you can be healthy and empowered in all aspects of your life.

Find out more.

What are you going
to choose for yourself,
for your family
and community, 
for your life? 

Featured Courses

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"It really was magnificent in every way! Amazing!  Accessibility to the material and the layout of the online format was incredible. So efficient and easy to use. It seemed miraculous! It was miraculous! "  Virginia.

Alchemy of Intuition 2023

Discover your inner world of soul wisdom for natural, effortless empowerment

Starting October 3rd 2023

Join me for my transformative signature online program and learn to trust in your own perceptions and intuitions, and connect and align with your soul path.

During this program you'll receive...

  • 18 weeks of online training​

  • Nine in-depth learning modules​

  • Reflection and integration 

  • Profound deep balancing

  • Live virtual classes 

  • Pre-recorded learning materials

  • In-depth course book for each module

  • Q&A community support and -peer practice sessions

  • Fully downloadable content

The Empowered Woman
Cycles of Change, Cycles of Choice

Reclaim your rightful place of power, vitality & joy!

10th & 11th November 2023

"You are an amazing, interconnected part of this living planet, and truly taking care of yourself is the first step in truly taking care of your society, and your global home." Prune Harris

Are you living your BIG life, the life you were born to live? Or are you feeling disconnected, stuck, or even hopeless?

Join me for my new two-day course, and become empowered to:

  • Move away from tiredness, overwhelm, anxiety, environmental grief, and stress. Move towards, physical health, emotional resilience, mental clarity, and a deep sense of belonging. 

  • Feel hopeful and energised and supported. 

  • Know and experience yourself as an empowered woman, essential in the world. 

  • Make sense of your old patterns of limitation and trauma and know how to bring them into balance. 

  • Move from living your small life to living your BIG life.

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"Listening to Prune, a whole new world opens up. I recommend this class to every women!"

Happy Hormones

90 Minute Online Course 

Do you experience hormonal havoc and wish you could find ways to bring more balance, ease and joy into your monthly hormonal journey?

In this online course you will learn:

  • The hormones involved in your monthly cycle.

  • Why your energy systems are so important for finding balance and ease with your hormon.

  • New, easy and powerful techniques to balance your hormones and ease your symptoms.

Your Energy. Your Life.




Your energy knows
how to be healthy

Each person is born with an energetic template of health. 

This template holds vitality, energy, connection, joy, abundance and radiance, and every single person has this template in their energy fields.

your life

Everything you experience is held in your energy patterns, so when you change those patterns then you can truly and deeply heal your physical body, balance your emotions and change your interaction with your own life.

You are here to
thrive, not just survive

You are not only here to survive, you are here for far more than that. Thriving is living the most expansive existence you are capable of. It is that feeling that nothing is insurmountable,
even if it is challenging.

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