In every situation you have choice.

Choose vitality, choose authenticity, choose radiance.

Choose to be your most magnificent you.


I was born with the ability to see and understand energy; human energy, animal energy, the energy fields in nature, and the energy fields of connectiveness and consciousness.


Empathically connected to everything around me, seen and unseen, the first 20 years of my life were an intense crash course in navigating this vast and ever dynamic world. Not only could I see and connect to this energy, but I experienced it throughout my physical body too. No surprise, I spent many years dealing with severe illness as a teenager and young adult, with my body and senses overloaded and overwhelmed.


But I figured it out. Not only have I survived, but I have learned how to live joyfully and powerfully from the very core of my being, and for the last two decades, through the application and sharing of energy medicine tools and knowledge, I have helped thousands of clients and students find not only their health but their soul-purpose and inspiration for life. 


With my understanding of energy and consciousness, I want to empower you to dream your fullest life into being; to be it, to embody it, to learn how to live in authenticity, with ease and with an abundant joy that emanates within you and from you with every breath.

We are living in intense times of social, economic and environmental change. We need each and every one of us to embrace this challenge and co-create a new reality. Are you up for this challenge?


I think you are. Let’s do it together.

Featured Courses

Spring Energetics - Release Your Radiance

Begins 6th April 2020 £195

This is an invitation to feel fabulous and put some spring in your step! 
The energy of spring is powerful and radiant. Each and every one of you can access this radiance when you align your own energy to its vibration. I've designed this course to help you easily and joyfully align with spring to step into your full radiance and vitality.

Join Prune to reclaim your radiance, and align yourself with the powerful energy of spring.​

"The Spring Energetics Programme was a lovely way to feel supported. I love the way Prune designed and presented the lessons." SL

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Earth Medicine Ireland

Sacred Contracts of the Soul

March 2021 £200 deposit

Next March, Prune's Earth Medicine Tour of Ireland will focus on the counties within Northern Ireland, of Antrim and Armagh. In this land, we will be calling on ancient energies, and work to activate magical knowings, profound wisdoms and the inner hero of your own life for you to take your vital place in the very centre of your life’s joy so that you are able to bring your soul’s purpose into every breath.

Be prepared for inspiration, empowerment, a soul-filled community and luminosity!

You belong here

You are an essential part of the fabric of this universe

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