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Did you know that every season has its own unique energy that can affect your human energy system in every way?


Seasonal energy affects your emotions, your health and how you perceive and experience your life.

Recharge and feel energised this winter

Recharge and feel energised this winter

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What does your energy do during the winter months?


Some of you may LOVE winter and connect deeply into the restorative energy that invites you to cosy up and nurture yourself.


For others, you may experience winter as a struggle, the dark days and long nights bringing more tiredness, disconnection or anxiety. Despite a natural instinct to slow down, your busy schedule or guilty conscience may not allow you to follow your natural rhythms.

As your energy fields move deeper and deeper inwards at this time of year, it can feel like you have lost your balance and that getting through your day is hard work, and just takes so much energy.  For some of you, winter will feel like you are swimming upstream in a thick and fast moving river.


But it doesn’t have to feel that way! You just need to know how to align your energy system with the deep and nourishing energy of winter.


You can sign up to Winter Energetics here

$297 now, or one payment of $102 now and two further payments of $102

(that's approximately £244, or one payment of £85 now and two further payments of £85)

For a whole month, we’ll be together every day as I offer you daily step by step support, tools, techniques and guidance, so you can easily and naturally reconnect to your winter wisdom, creativity, peace and balance. 

What's included: 

  • 31 daily videos - step by step understandings, energy practices, tools and techniques to invite restoration and healing at your deepest level of being.

  • Guided new moon meditation - a beautiful guided meditation to enhance your ability to connect into winter energy​

  • Weekly nourishing nature lessonwhere I am joined by a nutritionist and herbalist as we explore the many benefits of winter herbs and spices

  • Ten recorded webinars - to help you fully align to winter energy, covering topics such as ceremony, transforming the energies of guilt and shame, and your aura in winter

  • Enjoy the course content whenever you want - once the supported course is finished, you'll have access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course.

Winter Energetics

This winter, give yourself permission to charge your batteries and learn how to deeply nourish and restore yourself on every level, ready for a joyful and energised year ahead.

  • Start your mornings energised, not exhausted

  • Live each day with hope and joy, not fear, anxiety, or grief

  • Connect to your deeper wisdom for happiness

  • Create space to care for yourself on every level

  • Enjoy and connect with the magic of winter

Get ready for your best winter ever! Join me and a vibrant community of conscious men and women who are choosing to be more aligned with the natural energy of the seasons in order to live their fullest, most empowered life.


Prune is a gifted healer and I'm so happy to be taking this course. Each day has provided me with tools to settle into winter in a restful and restorative way. Prune's teachings have been my go to for over a year now, as I connect deeply with her teaching style and approach to energy.


Loved it! It felt like a home-coming. I have found the exercises to be incredibly healing. Instead of winter being an endurance test as in years past, I have opened up to it and have felt more ease and oneness with myself. It is a work in progress, and these exercises will help me keep growing.  


Thank you Prune for your warmth, wisdom and compassion. You helped me to connect with winter energy, internally and externally, in such a profound way. Lovely to connect with the other people on the course too. Thank you for bringing us all together. 


I absolutely loved this course. Prune Harris is a fabulous teacher. Her knowledge is vast and her sincerity is heart-warming. The exercises are easy to do yet very effective. I have come away feeling nourished, enriched and empowered. Thank you Prune for another great experience. 



You can sign up to Winter Energetics here

$297 now, or one payment of $102 now and two further payments of $102

(that's approximately £244, or one payment of £85 now and two further payments of £85)

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