Get ready for your best winter ever!

Your commitment? Just 15 minutes a day.

What does your energy do during the winter months? Some of you may LOVE winter and connect deeply into the restorative energy that invites you to cosy up and nurture yourself. For others, you may experience winter as a struggle, the dark days and long nights bringing more tiredness, disconnection or anxiety. Despite a natural instinct to slow down, your busy schedule or guilty conscience may not allow you to follow your natural rhythms.


Winter has a very specific and deep energy. The trees are bare, and the land has retracted its energy in order to rest and restore.  Animals are either in hibernation, have migrated to warmer climes, or are busy living off their stored food supplies. The seasonal energy that brings the change from summer to autumn, and from autumn to winter affects humans just as much as it affects the natural landscape. If you breathe and live on this planet, then you are connected into this seasonal energy, and that means that your body is being governed by the energy of winter. 

As your energy fields move deeper and deeper inwards at this time of year, it can create struggle for you that results in anxiety, lethargy and depression. It can feel like you have lost your balance and that getting through you day is hard work, and just takes so much energy.  For some of you, winter will feel like you are swimming upstream in a thick and fast moving river. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! 

Reclaim your joyful purpose this winter and join Prune for Winter Energetics: Restoration and Rejuvenation. You can deeply change your relationship with winter, and overcome any tiredness and anxiety. It's a time for turning inward, for self-compassion, for nourishing and restoring yourself on every level, and for giving yourself permission to charge your batteries ready for a joyful and energised year. 

In this month-long course, Prune brings her wisdom, tools and insights to you each day. You'll learn how to:

  • Recharge your batteries even when you have a busy life

  • Experience greater vitality, peace, compassion, and joy

  • Connect to your deep wisdom ways of knowing

  • Find the space in your life to enjoy rest, activity and creativity

  • Deeply nourish and take care of yourself on every level 

  • Remember and connect to the magic of winter

No matter if Winter is a challenge, or your favourite time of year, Winter Energetics can guide you to make it your best winter ever. Join Prune and a vibrant community of conscious men and women who are choosing to be more aligned with the natural energy of the seasons in order to live their fullest, most empowered life.  

Whats included:

  • 31 Daily videos from Prune

  • Energy exercises

  • Energetic consciousness tools and techniques

  • Guided meditation

  • 2 x live webinars with Prune

  • 2 x recorded webinars

  • Lifetime access to videos, meditation and recordings of webinars so you can listen whenever you want*

Cost £225

or sign in to your account here

*Each year the Winter Energetics programme is paused temporarily from October to January to get ready for the month-long supported programme to begin each year. This allows us all to benefit from the special sense of shared community and belonging as we move through the course, co-creating the collective field together.



I am loving this course!  I am already feeling more grounded and happier after week one.  The exercises are easy to understand and to implement. I feel like a new person and my energy feels stronger, like it did when I was a child. Thank you Prune, for a wonderful experience. 

This is my 3rd seasonal energetics program, and I'm so looking forward to the Winter series. I am more at home in my being and in the world as it is than ever before. I feel more available and able to serve my purpose in balance, harmony, and love. Thank you Prune.

I can't say enough positive things about Prune as a teacher. Her confidence, breadth of experience, graciousness, and wisdom shine through clearly.

Looking forward to continuing with this flow throughout the coming months.