Activate your birthright to feel true magnificence

November 17th at 7pm (UK Time)

In this 90 minute class Prune is going to be drawing on her two decades in clinical practice and her lifelong ability of seeing energy to show you how to activate and enhance the connectivity within your energy system so you can truly experience the fullness of your life. The human energy system is the foundation of your health. When you understand how to support your energy you are able to support your physical health, your emotional health and your vitality. 

Did you know you have thousands of energy channels in your body whose only job is to carry your essential joy and vitality throughout all of your body so you can feel energised, magnificent and joyful? The Ancient Indians called these channels the Nadi’s and began writing about them over 3 thousand years ago. When these channels are active then you feel like your life is flowing easily, just the way it should. 

To feel vibrant, energised and joyful these channels need to be active and strong so they can do exactly what they are designed to do. And to activate them in their strength is wonderfully easy, giving you have the choice to feel energised, empowered and joyful. 

The class will be recorded so you can go back and watch it again as many times as you like.

£40 - book now to secure your place or sign in to watch the class here

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