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The human energy system is the foundation of your health.
Understanding how to support your energy means being able to support your physical health, your mental health and your vitality.

If you want to discover more about your Energy Anatomy...


Energy Essentials for Everyday Living

This course offers you a comprehensive toolkit of energy understandings, including videos covering each of your energy systems, practices to help heal, balance and reconnect your energy systems and support you with common health challenges so you can feel energized, joyful and healthy every day of your life.

"I found Prune's course very easy to follow and full of amazing techniques to help me feel more connected, calm and joyful." Liz Y

Despite the fact that you probably didn’t learn about it in school, the human energy system is not a great mystery. It has been observed, mapped and understood for thousands of years in many different cultures. Your energy systems govern your physical body and hold the blueprint of not only your physical health, but your resilience, your radiance and your ability to adjust to life’s road. 


You will be very familiar with the anatomy of your physical body but what about the corresponding anatomy of your energy? Just as you have a range of physiological systems in your body, like the respiratory system, circulatory system and endocrine system, you also have specific energy systems.​ Each of these energy systems has a slightly different vibration than the other; your Chakras are different to the vibration and movement patterns of your Energy Channels, or the vibration and movement patterns of your Aura.


Although each of them has a different vibration and movement pattern, they all slot together harmoniously to create your total human energy system, receiving information from each other and adjusting patterns accordingly. The Chakras flow into the Aura and into the Energetic Core, your Heartfield manages the electro-magnetic energy in the body, and the elemental rhythms pulse through every other energy system.


They are also completely unique to you and vibrate with your patterns, colours and sounds. 

The Energetic Core

Dantien image.jpeg

The Taiji Pole & Dantians

The Stellar Diamond

The Yin/Yang Vortex

The Energetic Core is your most essential system, and one that either informs or connects into all other energy systems. There are many components to the Energetic Core:

The Taiji Pole (pronounced Taijee)

The Taiji Pole holds your vibrational essence, what you may call your soul. This immense energetic core of the body runs from above your head, through your body, and down to well below your feet. Energy moves through it both ways continuously. This core energy is the interface point where you are connected to universal energy and yet uniquely yourself. The energy in your Taiji Pole is exquisite and it always looks like a super highway of light filaments flowing through the very centre of you, shining your radiance bright and strong throughout all of your body and all of your energy systems.

The Stellar Diamond

The Stellar Diamond is an energy structure that fixes you on Earth, and helps you hold the cosmic and Earth energy in harmony. At this time in global evolution you also need to continue to be grounded even when the magnetic pole of the earth is shifting. You need to ground into the core of the earth rather than the crust and the inspiration you get from the Stellar lines help you do that. When your Stellar lines are vibrant and strong then you are able to act as that pole between the Earth and Stars and thus raise the vibration of everything to which you are connected.


You have three dantians:

The lower - below the navel

The middle - in the heart centre

The upper - between the eyes 

These vast cauldrons or reservoirs of energy emanate from the energetic core. The Middle Dantian cannot hold its energy unless the Lower Dantian is fuelled, and the Upper Dantian cannot hold its energy unless the Lower and Middle Dantians are fuelled. When the Energetic Core is compromised, the energy of the Lower Dantian, and thus the whole dantian system, is compromised, which may cause low physical vitality or difficulty connecting into the magnificence of your self and your life.

The Yin/Yang Vortex

We bring energy up from the Earth in a Yin Vortex spiral, just as we bring energy down from above in a yang vortex spiral. The Yin Vortex begins deep below our Earth Star and spirals from the left of the body, around the front over to the right, getting narrower and narrower to a point near the navel. 


The Yang Vortex begins above our Sun Star, and spirals from the right of the body, around the front and over to the left, getting narrower and narrower to a point near the navel. These two energies are also carried directly up the Taiji Pole where they meet to create the Lower Dantian.

The Elemental Rhythms

In the depth of the Energetic Core there is a pulsing energy that moves in a specific rhythm. Just as the rhythm of music determines if the dance is a samba, flamenco or waltz, the rhythm that beats in your core determines how you dance through your life. This rhythm sits in every band of the Aura, and moves through every one of your energy systems, bringing its own specific hue depending on the element. 


​The ancient Chinese identified that there were five rhythms or elements found within the human body as well as throughout society, nature, and indeed the Cosmos at large. These Elemental Rhythms are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each of you holds all of the Elemental Rhythms within you, however, there will be one or two that are more prominent within your whole-body system. Depending on which one or two rhythms beat most strongly in your core, your entire energy field will vibrate differently and have a different shape - so you could identify the rhythm of a person as being more ‘fiery’ or ‘earthy’. 

When there is an imbalance in the five rhythms, especially if there is a lack of a primary or secondary rhythm showing more prominently, then there are gaps where there should be a vibration, a silence where there should be sound.

Energy Channels-YinLeg_Background_Final.jpeg

The Energy Channels System

Throughout every part of your physical body and your energy system you have hundreds of miles of energy channels whose job it is to keep you physically healthy, emotionally healthy, and able to connect into your magnificent potential. 


You have different types of Channel Systems, some that are connected to each of your organs, some that run deep in your body to play an essential role of connectivity, and others that move from your Energetic Core to spread healing and radiance throughout your entire being. To watch this network of energy channels is amazing as they all know where to go, what to do and how to do it. They are an interconnected network of wonder!

The Aura

Also known as the biofield, the Aura is one of the most dynamic of the energy systems and created by a vast connective webbing. Your Aura has three key functions; protecting you, connecting you, and carrying information through all of your other energy systems.


In its healthy form it is continually changing its flow and its shape.

The colours of the Aura come from the way in which the different energy systems are vibrating together. 

The energy within the Aura can be swirling around clockwise or anticlockwise, it can be going up or going down, coming out or going in. It can be a real whirl storm or gentle, peaceful and filled with sunny radiance. It can also be very thin or flat, or even non-existent outside the human body when collapsed in order to protect all of your vital life.


The Chakras

A Chakra is a whirling disc of energy where information is gathered, stored and expressed. This means that every experience that you have ever had in your life is stored in these powerful centres.


You have seven main Chakras and other minor Chakras, that help govern the flow of information and energy from deep in the core of your body, out to the very edge of your auric field. I also see two other Chakras that act as essential and powerful parts of the Chakra system. One is above your head and is called the Sun Star. The other is below your feet and is called the Earth Star. All of your Chakras are connected into your Energetic Core, and help you both interpret the world you live within and bring your deep wisdom forward into your everyday life.

The Heartfield

The heart is your most electrical organ and the heartfield is measurable several feet away from the physical body. The heart has an exceptional place within the energy systems and has a huge impact on the energetic organisation of the body. For the most part, it is the conductor of the whole intricate orchestra of the physical, emotional, cognitional and spiritual aspects that make up who you are. The HeartMath Institute has done an amazing job of researching how the brain follows the rhythm of the heart, and if you have a steady, calm heart then all of your electrical systems can follow suit.

Energetic Core
Elemental Rhythms
Energy Channels

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