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Learn a life-changing technique to experience your true potential

Do you feel like you are living a smaller life than you dreamed you would? Are you experiencing your biggest, beautiful potential? In this 90 minute class, Prune will be sharing a life-changing technique for you to balance and clear limiting patterns so that you can resolve your old ways of being to empower your life, and experience new health, stability and vitality.  

Can you think of three things that you would most like to change about how you live your life? Perhaps three ways that you feel you self-sabotage what you want to experience or how you want to be? Or three old patterns and old ways of being that just keep cropping up in your life time after time after time! 


For you, these limiting patterns may be around your relationships with: 

  • Your spouse, boss, siblings, parents, or children

  • Money and finances

  • Food and body weight

  • Your ability to live your fullest life

In this 90 minute class you will:

  • Understand why your energy systems hold the key to healing your physical body

  • Find out why it's so important to identify and bring clarity to your limiting patterns

  • Learn a powerful technique to clear and balance your limiting patterns

  • Discover how you can find peace, calm, joy and empowerment in all situations

What Prune says about this class...

In my two decades in private practice I worked with thousands of clients, many of whom felt like they were stuck in limiting patterns that they just couldn’t shift, and in this class I want to share with you a life-changing technique to help you move forward out of your old patterns and into your biggest potential.

The details

Cost: $49


What's included: 

90 minute class

Unlimited access - the class is recorded so you can go back and enjoy it again and again

A class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print

Plus bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

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