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About Prune...

Prune Harris has grown up in a world of energy, and for the past 50 years, she has been tracking, understanding, and now translating this world for us all to experience.


Since birth, Prune has been able to see energy - the energy of humans, animals, trees and the Earth, and she sees this energy as vibrations, colours, and connective patterns. But it wasn’t until a pivotal moment in her mid 30’s that Prune realised her way of experiencing the world was very different from many of us.


Her simple and insightful explanations of how our personal energy field, our collective energy field, and the global energy field interconnect, sheds forgotten light on how we can begin to move back to patterns of not just individual, but global health and harmony.

An energy expert, consciousness educator, and soul activist, Prune has trained with healers, elders, and wisdom holders throughout the world and is certified in Touch For Health Kinesiology, Eden Energy Medicine, and Celtic and Norse Shamanism. For 20 years Prune worked as a clinical practitioner, dedicating her skills and gifts to helping those who needed to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually. But, with a three-year waiting list, she knew that to make a global impact she needed to make her knowledge accessible to a much wider audience.


Through her in-person and online courses, her social media presence, her membershipYouTube channel, and best selling book ‘Your Radiant Soul - Understand Your Energy to Transform Your World’, Prune has empowered thousands of people across the globe to bring consciousness to their energy systems and make small yet powerful changes that elicit real change in their lives. Because, once we are aligned with our own template of health, we can then begin to align with the global template of health and, in her own words, ‘That is where the real magic happens, for you, me, and our entire world.’

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