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Meet the Prune Harris Team

Five years ago, a group of incredible women and men came together to help me share my work with the world. I am continually awed, humbled, and downright gobsmacked at how my work, vision and classes have been scooped up and supported by my amazing team, and I am so delighted to introduce you to them - there is simply no way that I could be working in the way I am without their amazing skills and loving support.

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Prune Harris

Director and Creator

Prune Harris has grown up in a world of energy, and for the past 50 years she has been tracking, understanding and now translating this world for us all to experience. Since birth, Prune has been able to see energy, the energy of humans, animals, trees, and the Earth, showing up as vibrations and colours. Her simple and insightful explanations of how our personal energy field, our collective energy field and the global energy field interconnect, sheds forgotten light on how we can begin to return to patterns of individual and global health and harmony.

Through her in-person and online courses Prune has empowered thousands of people across the globe to bring consciousness to their energy systems.

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Collin Harker


Collin is Prune’s husband, and his primary role is keeping balance in Prune’s home life! An entrepreneur himself, and trained as an economist, Collin has done a lot of the behind the scenes work as PH has grown as an ethical and inspiring business. He is also the man behind the scenes as he films all Prune’s videos, and especially enjoys when the work is filming videos in beautiful Cornish locations.


He is deeply committed to conscious community and the vital importance of rebalancing the ecosystems of our social and planetary health. This shows up in his work as Chair of a local social enterprise and as parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Newquay and St. Austell. His interests are community-owned renewable energy development, waste diversion and up-cycling, and affordable housing. And! Reading, walking, surfing, swimming, (anything in water really) and revelling in the beauty of nature.


Naomi Stewart


Naomi has worked with Prune since 2012 and is a Faculty member. As part of her role at PH Ltd, she organises in-person events and helps with the development and running of Prune's in person and online courses and programmes. 

After working abroad for some years, Naomi began her UK-based working life in marketing, before moving into events and operations, and she now has more than 15-year experience working in events and operations across a range of sectors.


Naomi lives in London with her partner, two children and two dogs, and has a passion for helping people live more consciously to bring positive changes to their lives and those they touch. She has a particular interest in women and children’s health.

Alison Moncrieff


When Alison first met Prune, she couldn't understand why her work was not more widely known across the world. Now, she realises it is because she needed a team to support that process and she is really excited to be part of this team. Whilst everyone on the team works together really well and brings different talents (including what flavours to add to Emma’s chocolate recipe!), Alison currently focuses on being a faculty member for Prune, helping with the running of Prune's in person and online courses and programmes. Previously, Alison spent 25 years working in corporate environments before leaving to qualify as a life coach, and find a better balance between work, life and family.


While Alison’s days are full of zoom calls or client sessions, she also find time for yoga, singing in a local community women’s choir, travel, playing the piano and enjoying time with her husband, three daughters, Hazel the poodle and Summer the cat.


Fran Beer

Marketing and Communications Manager

Fran has always had a thread of energetic consciousness running through her life and knew from a young age that she would one day follow that path. She fell head first into the world of advertising in her late teens, before coming up for air and feeling the pull to train as an Acupuncturist in her late twenties. She also built a successful and sustainable business which filled her knowledge bag up with skills that she never knew she needed. She has always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and just loves seeing what is possible!

Fran is now very much back on her path and excited to get a deeper understanding of the world of energy that she has only dipped her toe into.

Jennifer Archibald

Community Evolution Manager

Jennifer was introduced to energy work more than 20 years ago and it transformed her life, offering tremendous healing opportunities. Her path first crossed Prune’s during Donna Eden’s five-day course in 2009, and it has been an absolute delight through the years for Jennifer to witness Prune’s expansion to trusted mentor and leader.

Facilitating and holding space for community gatherings and transformation has been a strong theme within Jennifer’s career path, so she is delighted to be on board as Community Evolution Manager for Prune’s amazing community.

Creating nurturing connection with two-legged and four-legged companions fills Jennifer’s heart along with embracing Earth Medicine and honouring the natural environment. She celebrates a creative life in a soul-nourishing home space with her beautiful husband, their two phenomenal daughters and four-legged companions.

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Jenny Sherman

Multimedia Editor

Born in Los Angeles, educated in studio, digital art and art history with an MFA from UCLA, storytelling has been at the core of Jenny’s work creating meaningful image, video and written content. With personal journeys in care giving and complex chronic illness, in developing her career it became crucially important to offer her skills to clients who support others in navigating the wilds and wonders of life.


She currently lives in Bath, UK working as a multimedia freelancer for practitioners in the spiritual and personal development industry.

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