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In this 90 minute class, join me and learn a simple technique you can use with yourself and your loved ones for enhanced health, joy and vitality. 

Yes, you glow! Over the last few years science has caught up with what mystics have always known; that in your physical body are tiny photons of light that share coding and information between all of your cells. And they don’t stop at your skin! These tiny bio-photons easily move through your skin to radiate your own unique light all around your physical body. 


And in your wild wisdom, you already know this. Think of a time when you have been with a friend and notice that they are literally glowing. OK, not like a light bulb, but you know that they are bursting with life. Your logical mind will explain it to yourself in the following ways; they are full of joy, they are radiating health, they are all lit up, maybe they are in love! But the language of your energy systems knows it slightly differently, that your friend is holding a strong life force, strong vitality, easy energy flow and that this is being beamed through their bio-photons. 

I want to tell you that there is not a day that goes past when I don’t use the technique that I’m going to be sharing with you in this class. I began using it when I was ill with chronic fatigue during my teenage years, and it transformed my health, my resilience, my joy and my life, and continues to do so every day. 


I use it for those days when I’m working (a bit too) hard, or finding something stressful, or there is a situation in my life that I’m upset by, or when I’m tired, overwhelmed or feeling a bit unbalanced. This technique is one that isn’t just great when you are struggling though, I also use it when I’m joyous, and feeling strong and stable. I use it to keep my hormones in balance, to focus my mind, to deeply relax and get great sleep. 


And, maybe even more amazingly, it is a technique I use to help bring more balance into my small world (me, family, friends, my life, my work) and my big world (the planet, the environment, human consciousness). It is the technique I use daily to do my bit and enhance balance, peace and healing, globally.

When did you last feel filled with life-force? Filled with energy? I hope for you that your answer is ‘Today!’ and ‘ Right now!’, but if it isn’t then know that you have a choice to feel energised and empowered, or not. Yes, you really do. 

Stress and pressure dial down your life force like a dimmer switch. How much is your dimmer switch on right now? Learn how to dial it right up so you can experience your own fullness of energy and vitality.

Activate your deepest energy system to dial up your energy and expand your life

The details

Cost: $49


What's included: 

90 minute class

Unlimited access - the class is recorded so you can go back and enjoy it again and again

A class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print

Plus bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

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