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The Empowered Woman

During this transformational course Prune explores how you embody, express, enliven and nurture yourself as a woman at the level of body, mind and soul, so you can activate choice at every moment of every day.


Menopause Magic

Join me to discover simple ways to alleviate your physical symptoms, be emotionally resilient, sleep better and feel GOOD as you go through your day.


Energy Essentials for Everday Living

Get to know your energy system and learn easy and effective exercises to empower your days and your life.

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Love Your Liver

A step by step six month educational and experiential journey to transform your liver and connect to your soul path.

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Optimise Your Size!

Understanding your energy can help you achieve and maintain your ideal healthy weight, and (just as importantly) feel empowered as you get there. Includes daily practices to support your journey.



Understand your energy and learn practical techniques to overcome CFS, Long COVID & Deep Exhaustion in this new online course. 

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Seasonal Programmes

Align yourself with essential seasonal energy for physical health, emotional strength and sacred balance.

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Coronavirus Courses

Three free programmes to help empower you to know how to stay strong and healthy, or begin the path to restoring health.


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Clear Old Habits

This 90-minute class with Prune will help you clear limiting patterns to empower your life and experience your true potential. This course is perfect to revisit as part of your regular toolkit!


Short Online Classes

Classes designed to help you understand your energy systems and overcome everyday physical, emotional and lifestyle challenges.

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Perimenopause, Menopause & Beyond

A 12 module course that shares essential understandings, plus tools and techniques to keep your hormones in balance.

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Screens Classes

These classes will teach you how to keep your energy safe and strong while you work, play and socialise through screens.

Advanced courses

Practitioner Consciousness

Learn how to tap into the healing field to support your personal energy, inspire your clients and transform your practice.


Advanced Short Classes

Advanced level classes designed to deepen your understanding of energy and learn new tools and techniques.

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You, Your Client and Your Computer

Healthcare professionals working with clients online can learn how to work safely and stay healthy while doing online client sessions.


Thank you so much for yet another amazing and profound course, Prune. Amongst other things it gave me more challenging tools for self enquiry.


— Celia H.

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