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The Gathering Ground is our new membership space, a sacred place for us all to share, connect and inspire

Together we are co-creating a special community of conscious individuals from across the world.

In this sacred space, as well as the support and insights of a powerful and connected community, you'll also find access to all the exclusive content I've created just for you in one place, like my new live monthly Energy Forecasts. I've also gathered together energy practices, articles, free courses and videos for you to enjoy, and to guide you as you move through the days, months and years of your life.

And each month, I'll also be popping in live from time to time, to share what's coming up for me, and help us all learn together.

What you'll receive...

  • My new LIVE Energy Forecast each month
    These live forecasts go deeper into explaining monthly themes and how to align your energy, evolve your health, your radiance, and your ability to live your fullest life.


  • Community connection with members across the world
    In this special community, you can meet like-minded friends, discuss, share, and learn together.

  • Access to an expansive library of energy practices
    You'll find a range of videos that include detailed
     energy information, plus my medicine cabinet videos to help you feel healthy and energised every day.

  • Live content
    I'll be popping in from time to time to share insights and connect with you.


  • Access to a selection of short online classes
    These short courses include essential information and practices to
     help evolve your energy understandings, on topics including your magnificent aura, and overcoming fatigue and stress.

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