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Your Radiant Soul

Understand Your Energy to Transform Your World

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You are walking down the street and you get a sense that someone is looking at you, with a quick glance, you realise you are right, someone is looking at you. How did you know?


You knew because your energy systems informed you.


We are all exquisite systems of energy that connect and share information every moment of every day from the cellular level to the cosmic. 


But what is energy?


What part does it play in making us who we are? How does it connect us to the world around us? And what changes would occur in your daily life if there were no limiting energetic patterns holding you back? It is not surprising that we have so many questions, for it is a subject that has been long forgotten in our modern world. 


Able to see energy since she was born, Prune Harris explains what your energy looks like, the roles your different energy systems perform, and how your energy connects with, influences, and plays its part in co-creating the world in which you live.


She guides you through your energy anatomy, the blueprint to your physical, emotional, and mental health, and explains not only how an energy pattern of imbalance can express itself as chronic illness, anxiety, depression, anger, or resentment but how, through understanding how to make the small shift that can align your energy systems you are able to access more health, vitality and experience your radiant soul. 


In short, Prune shows that if we are able to understand and change our energy, we are able to understand and change our world.


Throughout the book, Prune weaves in case studies from her clinical practice to illustrate the concepts and includes practices and techniques designed to bring profound, empowered, and joyful changes to your life.

Book Launch Livestream

On Friday 28th April 2023 we celebrated the launch of Prune’s new book Your Radiant Soul, Understand Your Energy to Transform Your World at The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. During the event, Prune held an Earth Healing Ceremony and answered some questions. It was a beautiful and uplifting evening and we are delighted to share it with you here - just click on the video below to enjoy the livestream recording.

Book livestream recording
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