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How they affect your energy field and what you can do about it

Are you curious or concerned about the effect that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) have on your energy fields and therefore your health?

I have seen them unravel health in some people, and have absolutely no negative impact in others. The difference between who is affected by electromagnetic frequencies such as wifi or 5G is held in your energy fields’ ability to either deflect them or process them in balance and harmony. 


EMFs are all around us - in our homes, towns, buses and trains, cafes, schools and workplaces. 43% of people worldwide own smartphones, meaning that there are 3.80 billion of them in use in the world today, and it was estimated a few years ago that home wifi networks are found in 73% of UK households, 61% of US households and 42% of homes worldwide. With the advent of 5G, and the relaxation on mobile phone mast heights to allow for the new, taller 5G phone masts that are able to spread signals further, our exposure to EMFs is only set to increase. 


How may this affect you?

Exposure to EMFs can disturb the organisation and cohesion of your energy system, making it difficult to stay grounded and in your full vitality, flow and balance. If you are experiencing a health condition, then you are especially vulnerable and EMFs are more likely to be far reaching in their effect energetically, emotionally, physically. They can affect every part of your life. But, I want to tell you now that there is so much you can do to help your system not only recover from the impact of EMFs, but to stay resilient, strong and protected in the face of daily exposure.


I want to empower you with energy understandings and effective tools and techniques that you can use every day to clear the effects of EMFs and 5G from your energy field, and most importantly, to step away from feeling fearful and helpless. 


Because here’s the thing - the fear and anxiety that you may feel about EMFs and the effects they can have will be adding to their potency and negative impact, because fear decreases your natural health and vitality. 


Join me in my class to feel empowered and learn the exercises you need to know to ensure your big beautiful protective systems are able to maintain your energy in its coherent, connective magnificence. Remember, your energy system is perfectly designed to protect you from anything that isn’t part of your journey of health, vitality and becoming.

Are you...

  • Experiencing symptoms you believe are caused by EMFs or 5G?

  • Worried about how to protect yourself and loved ones from increasing EMF exposure?

  • An empath or highly sensitive person who reacts to everything around you? 

  • Afraid of how things will continue to change in the future?

  • Ready to empower yourself with techniques so you can stay resilient every day?

It’s time to step away from fear and learn energy tools to help you stay healthy and resilient


In my new 90 minute online class you will:

  • Understand more about how EMFs affect your energy systems

  • Learn a powerful technique to clear the effects of 5G/EMFs from your energy field, reboot your resilience and transform your daily life

  • Discover ways to overcome your fear of EMFs/5G so they no longer decrease your ability to maintain your energetic coherence

  • Reconnect with your ability to stay grounded, strong and connected from your core

  • Feel empowered with guidance and tools you can use to protect yourself every day

I will draw on my two decades in clinical practice and lifelong ability of seeing energy to show you what you can do protect your system from EMF exposure, so you can truly experience the fullness of your life.

You have a choice to feel energised. You have a choice to feel empowered and joyful, every day.

The details

Cost: $49


What's included: 

  • 90 minute class

  • Unlimited access - so you can go back and enjoy it again and again

  • A class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print

  • Plus bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

Helped me chart a better course for myself

“The techniques you offered in the class will help me understand what I can do to chart a better and healthier course for myself. Another great course!"


So helpful, clear and empowering

“So helpful, clear and empowering. moving away from fear and into our own potential is my main take away. Thank you as always. I feel peaceful and centred."


The overall vibe is very strengthening

“I love that the direction is toward security, faith, clarity and responsibility. The exercises are great, and the overall vibe is very strengthening. "


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