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Image by Nik Shuliahin


Stay safe, resilient and empowered. Every day. 

In this 90 minute class Prune will teach you where your pressure valves are, how to keep them in balance, and how doing so can positively impact every aspect of your life. 


The human energy system is the foundation of your health. When you understand how to support your energy you are able to support your physical health, your emotional health and your vitality.

What does it feel like when you are under pressure? Do you explode out under the strain or do you collapse in? 


Pressure can be insidious and continuous, or it can be strong, urgent and demanding. Either way, that kind of stress will be creating all kinds of physiological, chemical, hormonal, and emotional responses that can affect your health, your energy level and your happiness. I know you will have noticed that when you are under pressure you are more short tempered with yourself, with your loved ones, you feel squished in your own life, and you can’t access your easy joy or vitality.


In your energy system there are a series of powerful access points that play a vital part in managing your health and your resiliency at the times when you are feeling pressure in your life. That is why I call these points your pressure valves. 


When you know where they are and how to activate them, you can: 

  • Hold your resiliency even when under pressure

  • Experience your joy despite the situation

  • Support your immune system to stay healthy

  • Feel like you have more space in your life

  • Greatly reduce the effect of stress in your daily life so you can bring your fullest you to your every day

The details

Cost: $49


What's included: 

90 minute class

Unlimited access - the class is recorded so you can go back and enjoy it again and again

A class handout to view on the course platform or to download and print

Plus bonus downloadable material explaining your amazing energy anatomy and the fabulous fundamentals of energy

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