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Understand what is happening in your own energy systems

Learn how your energy is being affected by the energy of the moment 

Make sense of what is occurring around you and within you

Discover the right exercise for you to meet the energy of the moment so that you can thrive, every day of the year

Share these insights and exercises with your loved ones so they can also be peaceful, joyful and healthy

Latest Energy Forecasts



The illuminating bright yellow energy of September carries the energy of expansion and joy, reminding you that it is time to awaken to a different level of understanding.



The swirling magenta energy of October encourages you to connect with the entirety of your energy field in all of its potential and power.

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You live in an ever-changing energy field. I know you go through times in your life when everything seems easy, and you can't quite put your finger on why. Or times when suddenly you are struggling, dealing with challenge after challenge, and you can’t quite put your finger on why.

This unexplainable shift is often due to the energy field that has settled into your own energy field, and is profoundly affecting you. What is this ever-changing energy field? I call it Cosmic Energy or the Cosmic Field. Every moon cycle carries a unique vibration created by the movement of all of the planets within the greater universal energy field that we exist within. This unique and specific energy affects you powerfully, ever-changing and ever-evolving. 

Astrologers have been studying it, predicting it and sharing information about its effects for thousands of years. I see it. 

Since I was born I have been able to see energy - human energy, animal energy and cosmic energy. As each year progresses, I watch the changing cosmic energy field coming into being and settling into the human energy field.

Each month, I’ll release an article and video to share insights into what I’m seeing settle into the human energy field so that you can understand the energy of the moment, the energy that is surrounding you and profoundly affecting you at the energetic and subconscious levels. In each video I’ll be demonstrating exercises to best support you as you meet the incredible opportunity that is always offered by the monthly energy patterns. Easy, powerful tools for you to not only live your fullest life but to shine your immense light back into the cosmic field. 

You can access these resources using the links within the monthly boxes on this page, or by visiting all of my energy forecast blogs.

It is fascinating to see how the cosmic energy shifts with each moon cycle and brings these changes into your energy field. It happens at a powerful interface layer in your aura that is known as the celestial layer. Once this cosmic energy meets the celestial layer, it is taken deep into all of your energy systems and creates either supportive or challenging vibrations for you to work with in your daily life. Sometimes this cosmic energy field feels gentle, sometimes it feels fierce, some are easy for the human energy field to resonate with and some push your energy fields to every edge you have.

I'm delighted to be able to share these understandings with you so that you can make sense of what is happening to your own energy in a big picture way. Let’s create a better world, together.  

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