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"When I see a practitioner or student working within sacred space, there is an entirely different energy around them compared to when they are working in ordinary reality or perhaps we can call it ‘non-sacred space’. This sacred space or healing field offers power, protection and transformation to the practitioner and the client." Prune


Your consciousness as a healthcare professional affects every aspect of your work. This includes the health and vitality of your practice, your ability to nurture and nourish your own energy while you work as well as your client outcomes.


You may be a nurse, a nutritional therapist, an energy psychology practitioner, a counsellor or coach, a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner, a doctor, an acupuncturist, a hypnotherapist, or any other healthcare practitioner working in the allopathic and biomedical fields. You have been drawn to help people balance themselves, heal themselves, and live their life of fullest potential. But it isn’t all about your clients! Your conscious engagement in your work activates the potential for YOU to live YOUR FULLEST, MOST JOYFUL AND POWERFUL LIFE TOO!  


In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Connect into the healing field to affect your own biofield and health so you remain vibrant, healthy and empowered in your professional life. 

  • Expand your ability to hold and co-create a healing field to enable the transformation of your clients or students so that they can thrive in their healing journey.

  • Activate the template of health within the energy systems of your clients, so that the healing power and transformation of your session continues long after the client has returned home.  


As someone who works to help others heal, you may be very familiar with the concept of ‘sacred space’, but are you aware that ‘sacred space’ has its own distinct energy field? This is the healing field.


Cutting edge scientific research is illustrating how an energy field informs and is informed by its composite parts. This means that you co-create the healing field that you work within, and at the same time, the healing field co-creates your ability as a practitioner. When you are able to connect to that healing field, you can access the wisdom, power and protection held within it, at no cost to your own energy. Imagine that! Working from a place of increased empowerment, connection and protection with total ease!


The healing field or sacred space isn’t something that gets created by smudging a room or hanging a banner with an 'om' sign on it. Sacred space gets created by the consciousness of the practitioner, and as you work, you have the ability to tap into a vast energetic matrix that can support your personal energy, inspire your clients’ relationship with their own health, and transform your practice. 


If you want to activate your fullest potential, improve your professional and personal understandings, your professional skills and your client outcomes, you can access the recordings of this dynamic and transformative course for practitioners and workers in health-care. 

Cost $197 - click the button below to sign up

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