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Align yourself with essential seasonal energy for physical health, emotional strength and sacred balance

Did you know that your energy fields are powerfully influenced by seasonal energy?


Perhaps you are already aware of it because you know that in some seasons you thrive and in others you struggle. But what if you are able to use seasonal energy to align yourself to the flow of the seasons every day, all year round?


I have created my Seasons of Sustenance programme to help you learn how to easily connect to the essential energy of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, so that you can live your most joyful and powerful life, every day.

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Winter Energetics

Begins 8th January 2023 - Nourish and restore yourself on every level

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Summer Energetics

Align with the powerful energy of summer to access gifts of abundance, spontaneity and passion

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Spring Energetics

Easily and joyfully align with spring to step into your full radiance and vitality

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Autumn Energetics

Discover places of abundant transformation and wisdom, bringing new life to your mind and body.

Find out more and sign up

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Wonderful as always. Perfect timing and Just what I needed to support me through some challenging times. The course proved invaluable. Thank you.

I can't say enough positive things about Prune as a teacher. Her confidence, breadth of experience, graciousness, and wisdom shine through clearly.

Looking forward to continuing with this flow throughout the coming months.

I have embraced every word and loved every day logging in to learn and expand my knowledge - having found Prune, exploring the energy system with her beside me is sheer bliss ! 

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