Align yourself with essential seasonal energy for 
physical health, emotional strength and sacred balance

Did you know that your energy fields are powerfully influenced by seasonal energy?


Perhaps you are already aware of it because you know that in some seasons you thrive and in others you struggle. But what if you are able to use seasonal energy to align yourself to the flow of the seasons every day, all year round?


I have created my Seasons of Sustenance programme to help you learn how to easily connect to the essential energy of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, so that you can live your most joyful and powerful life, every day.

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Autumn Energetics - Alchemy and Transformation

Starting 4th October 2021

Autumn is the most powerful time of year for transformation, 

bringing a rich harvest that urges us to gather those things that nourish us, and respectfully release limiting and outdated patterns as we move into greater health and balance.


Join Prune and learn how to use this seasonal energy to follow and guide your own energy into places of abundant transformation and wisdom, bringing new life to your mind and body.

£225 - click here to for more information and to purchase

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Winter Energetics - Restore and Rejuvenate

Some of you may find winter a struggle - the dark days and long nights can bring tiredness, disconnection or anxiety. Despite a natural instinct to slow down, your busy schedule may not allow you to follow your natural rhythms.

Join Prune on a month-long course as she guides you through this magical season, helping you reclaim your joyful purpose and experience joy, peace and compassion for yourself and others. Learn how to nourish and restore yourself on every level so you are ready to enjoy a full and energised year ahead. 

£225 - click here to for more information and to purchase


Spring Energetics - Release Your Radiance

This is an invitation to feel fabulous and put some spring in your step! The energy of spring is powerful and radiant. Each and every one of you can access this radiance when you align your energy to its vibration. I've designed this course to help you easily and joyfully align with spring to step into your full radiance and vitality.

You are a magnificent human being. Join Prune to reclaim your radiance, and align yourself with the powerful energy of spring.

£225 - click here for more information and to purchase


Summer Energetics - Embracing Abundance 

Summer rolls in on a warm wind and blossoms into immense heart, mind and soul expansion. It brings the gifts of joy, love and connection, easy abundance and deep peace. And yet, summer can also be a rollercoaster ride of overactivity, burn out, exhaustion and loneliness. When you can’t quite meet the energy of summer, you can feel ungrounded and unable to find your joyful spirit.


Join Prune to learn how to align your energy with the profound and joyous energy available during the summer months.

£225 - click here for more information and to purchase

Each year the Seasonal Energetics programmes are paused temporarily for a few months before their official start date to get ready for the month-long supported programme to begin each year. This allows us all to benefit from the special sense of shared community and belonging as we move through the course, co-creating the collective field together.

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Wonderful as always. Perfect timing and Just what I needed to support me through some challenging times. The course proved invaluable. Thank you.

I can't say enough positive things about Prune as a teacher. Her confidence, breadth of experience, graciousness, and wisdom shine through clearly.

Looking forward to continuing with this flow throughout the coming months.

I have embraced every word and loved every day logging in to learn and expand my knowledge - having found Prune, exploring the energy system with her beside me is sheer bliss !