A six-month programme with natural health and energy expert, Prune Harris 

Join Prune in this exploration of how to deeply cleanse, nourish, support and love your liver. This programme is designed to span a six-month period, but is available to use and engage with at your own schedule.


Did you know that the Ancient Chinese understood that Liver is the Seat of the Soul? It is responsible for the emotions of kindness, generosity, and self-love, and when Liver is in balance, we are able to access the energy and wisdom to create the pathways forward to realise our dreams. 


Physically, the liver is responsible for over 800 jobs in the body and its health is foundational for: 

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Emotional Balance

  • Enthusiasm for life

  • Moving creative thought into creative action

  • Transmuting the inner critic into the inner friend

  • Eyesight and eye health

  • Transforming judgement, anger and criticism

  • Self-empowerment

  • Inspiring the peaceful warrior spirit within each of us

When the liver is compromised and sluggish, our whole body system begins to suffer. It can suffer silently and internally, it can suffer with fits of anger or bouts of crippling fatigue. It can be insidious or explosive.

During this six month programme, you will embark upon a step by step educational and experiential journey to transform your Liver, free your liver energy and connect you to your Soul path. Prune will facilitate and lead this journey with:

  • Weekly videos: tips demonstrating easy and powerful energy techniques and exercises to support your liver

  • Soul Food: weekly nutritional advice for balancing and nourishing Liver as the Seat of the Soul

  • Weekly articles: ongoing energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on Liver health, and transformation

  • Online community forum

Please note:

I’m so delighted that you are looking at this course and feeling the call to work with it. I love designing and creating the content of this course and it has helped so many people transform their health, and their life. There is one thing that is really important for you to know though, as I don’t want you to be disappointed.

I created this course three years ago before the amazing Prune Harris Team came into being and all of my work started looking more awesomely professional and glossy! This means that some of the videos in this course have a little background noise or aren’t quite the top quality that we are now putting out via my courses. For this reason, the course is greatly reduced in price from its real value.

At some point in the future we will bring it into line and get it all glossy looking and perfect, and at that time the price of the course will reflect this. So, it is a choice for you right now. Wait a year or two and pay the true value of the course, or know that some of the videos might have a bit of background noise and grab this bargain! 

Cost £275 - buy Love Your Liver or sign in to your account here