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A comprehensive programme to cleanse, nourish and support your liver

Join me for a powerful exploration of how to deeply cleanse, nourish, support and love your liver. This comprehensive, step by step programme has been designed to take six months to complete, but can be followed at your own pace.

Physically, the liver is responsible for over 800 jobs in the body and its health is foundational for: 

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Emotional Balance

  • Enthusiasm for life

  • Moving creative thought into creative action

  • Transmuting the inner critic into the inner friend

  • Eyesight and eye health

  • Transforming judgement, anger and criticism

  • Establishing easy and healthy boundaries

  • Self-empowerment

  • Inspiring and nurturing your joyful and empowered warrior spirit

Did you know that the Ancient Chinese understood that liver is the Seat of the Soul? It is responsible for the emotions of kindness, generosity, and self-love, and when liver is in balance, we are able to access the energy and wisdom to create the pathways forward to realise our dreams. When the liver is compromised and sluggish, your whole body system begins to suffer. It can suffer silently and internally, it can suffer with fits of anger or bouts of crippling fatigue. It can be insidious or explosive.

On this step by step educational and experiential journey to transform your Liver, you will free your liver energy and connect you to your soul path. Join me to:

  • Learn new, easy, and powerful techniques you can return to again and again to nurture and revitalise your liver and connect deeply to your energy systems

  • Understand how your liver functions, what your liver needs to be healthy and how it interacts with all areas of your life and health

  • Enhance your energy levels, your motivation, your vitality and your commitment to your soul

  • Become empowered to create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life

  • Balance your hormones, your mood and your weight

  • Regain your sparkle and enthusiasm for life

  • Understand what to eat to help your liver function at its best, with recipes to support your journey

  • Feel supported with an achievable, step by step format that encourages long-lasting change​

The six modules of Love Your Liver and just some of what they cover...


1. Meet and Greet your Liver

  • Getting to know your liver

  • The liver and emotions

  • Liver energy

  • Working with your lymphatic system

2. The Great Detoxifier

  • Liver function 

  • Liver detoxification retreat overview and suggestions 

  • Symptoms of liver imbalance

  • Energy testing 


3. Liver Loves your Hormones

  • Liver and hormone balance

  • Liver and the adrenals

  • Liver and the thyroid

  • Liver and yin and yang


4. Saying Yes to Life

  • The importance of rest

  • Liver and the Aura

  • Self love

  • Liver and kidney connection

  • Expanding beyond old ways of being


5. The Warrior Spirit

  • Liver and the five Elemental Rhythms

  • Activating your warrior within

  • Liver and celebration

  • Liver and the Chakras


6. The Seat of the Soul

  • Your commitment to your soul

  • Connecting to your energy fields

  • Conscious eating

  • Honouring and embracing who you truly are

The details

Cost: $447 or spread the cost with three monthly payments of $149


What's included: 

Six modules - each containing four or five lessons, that take you on a six month journey of naturally nourishing, balancing and deeply supporting your liver to restore its full health and true capacity

Informative lessons -  covering energetic, scientific, and anatomical information on liver health and transformation

26 videos - woven throughout the course, and demonstrating easy and powerful exercises and techniques to connect energetic patterns and prime organs ready to take their role and responsibility within the body

Soul Food downloads - containing nutritional advice to support your liver every step of the way, with recipes for balancing and nourishing your liver 

Bonus handouts - explaining your amazing energy anatomy the the fabulous fundamentals of energy

72-page recipe ebook - containing delicious liver-loving recipes to give your liver natural nourishment, love and support

Unlimited access to all course content so you can enjoy it whenever you want!

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