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A transformative 12 week programme to help you move through this powerful transition with balance, wisdom and vitality

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Did you know that the hormonal shifts of perimenopause can start long before your final period, in fact as early as your mid to late thirties? 


Maybe menopause seems like a distant event, a ‘change’ that will happen when you’re much older, and you don’t need to worry about it until then. You may even be a little afraid of this period in your life, and no wonder; there’s plenty of stigma attached to this normal, natural process (that, by the way, happens to 51 percent of the world’s population!). But while ‘menopause’ refers to reaching a point in your life when you haven’t had a period for 12 months, the bit you really need to pay attention to is the 10 years before that happens. That’s the perimenopause and it’s a process, or sequence of events, that brings some BIG changes to your hormones, which can result in some BIG changes to your body, your vitality, your emotions, your sleep, your perception of life and your place within it. 


The important thing to realise is that by choosing how you get ready for this passage in your life, YOU can determine whether you struggle through this time with debilitating symptoms or can access the energy freed up as you leave your fertile years behind, allowing you to feel vibrant, healthy and able to step into this powerful time in your life.


So, how will you know when your hormones start to shift during perimenopause? Well, symptoms vary from one woman to the next, but you can expect to see some of these changes:

  • Your period starts to deviate from your normal - perhaps that means longer or shorter cycles, bleeding for longer than usual, skipped periods, heavier flow, cramping or a mix of all of them!

  • Difficulty sleeping - you may find it hard to fall asleep, or wake in the night multiple times, perhaps with busy brain, a racing heart or feeling hot and sweaty

  • Mood changes - you may feeling less upbeat about things, and more angsty, tearful, or apathetic

  • Weight gain, especially around your middle - this can feel like an extra layer of padding, and it can come on quite suddenly and be reluctant to leave!

  • Increased tiredness - you may feel lethargic and heavy and would prefer to stay in rather than go out

  • Forgetfulness - you walk into a room and can’t remember why you’re in there. You struggle to remember that actor in a film, or even the film itself… 

  • Aches and pains - you find yourself aching when you get out of bed, or that exercise is harder than it used to be and leaves you feeling stiff and sore

  • Hot flashes and/or night sweats - these can vary from mild and infrequent to severe and debilitating, and may make navigating your usual day and night time routines difficult

  • Low libido - you don’t fancy having sex as often as you used to; reading seems much more appealing

  • Allergies - hormone changes can make you more prone to react to your food and environment

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No matter where you are in your menopausal journey, NOW is the time to start learning about this transition and making positive changes. 

I want to show you how to prepare for and journey through this amazing rite of passage not only with your health and sanity intact, but with a deep connection to the rhythm of your hormones, so you can make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, and explore just how resilient and powerful you are. 


In my online programme, Perimenopause, Menopause & Beyond, I will share my most essential understandings about the perimenopause and menopause, and teach you the easy, everyday tools to help you move from one phase of your life to the next, filled with richness, vitality and joy. 


Each week, in lessons and videos, I will share techniques and understandings for you to learn how to:

  • Understand all the different hormones involved in your perimenopause and menopause transition

  • Balance your hormones easily every day

  • Manage weight gain/loss and embrace healthy body changes

  • Stabilise your mood and emotions 

  • Understand the mechanism behind hot flashes and how to ease them

  • Look after your beautiful bones

  • Eat optimally for balanced hormones

  • Energy test your food in two different ways

  • Get in touch with and explore your sexuality and sensuality

  • Understand and work with your energy systems

  • Gain a new appreciation of your sacred womb 

  • Embrace and engage with the fullness of life

  • Work with your shadow parts and explore your true self 

  • Upgrade your energy and activate your vitality

With these techniques and understandings, your perimenopause and menopause can be a time of balance, wisdom and healthy change.


The course and all its content is yours to enjoy as often as you want to - come back to it again and again


Comprehensive course on my course platform, designed to take 12 weeks but can be navigated at your own pace



Including essential energetic, scientific, and anatomical understandings, about perimenopause and menopause, focusing on 12 different aspects of health and wellbeing

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Sharing energy understandings and exercises that bring insights, energy exercises, tools and techniques to balance your hormones and support the learning in each module

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 11.09.10.png


Bonus video lesson about the importance of grounding and how to ensure you are grounded every day

grounded image.jpg


Your Amazing Energy Anatomy & The Fabulous Fundamentals of Energy to help you understand that everything you are, and every potential you have, is held in your energy fields

Combined handout pic.png


Featuring recommendations to support your perimenopause and menopause transition

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 14.46.16.png


Covering all of the energy systems, with videos and a handout to help you get the very best from the rest of the course

Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 13.09.09.png


10 additional videos with energy exercises to help with a range of symptoms during perimenopause and menopause

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On January 19th, join me live to ask your questions about your menopause transition. This will also be recorded and available to watch afterwards

I am passionate about helping women as they move through this time in their lives, and that’s partly because I am moving through my perimenopause too! Whenever you are on this journey, I want to share, both from my own experience and my 20 years in private practice, how the perimenopause and menopause transition can be a time of balance and healthy change. Be part of the growing revolution of women who look forward to the perimenopause and post-menopausal years as a time of power, wisdom and transformation.

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This comprehensive course can be yours for one payment of $447

or spread the cost with three monthly payments of $149

(that's approximately £400 or 3 monthly payments of £134)

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