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Stay healthy, get healthy

Two free programmes to help you right now

Are you feeling uncertain about how to keep yourself healthy?

Or are you one of the thousands of people who have had coronavirus

and are struggling to recover and feel fully well again?

If you are overwhelmed and unsure of what you can be doing effectively on a daily basis to stay strong and healthy, or to get back to being strong and healthy, then keep reading, you are in the right place.


I want you to feel confident about what you can do to help balance your energy so you are in your most vibrant health and strongest resiliency. There is so much that you can do to support your energy, nurture your body, stabilise your emotions and even experience joy.


I’ve created two programmes to guide you, no matter what you are dealing with in your daily life. Both of these programmes are totally free of charge

Join me in using this coronavirus crisis to empower these simple and transformative understandings. I want to enhance your ability to connect to your inner wisdom and health through understanding your energy and knowing how you can support it. 

You can join me for either or both of these programmes, whatever is right for you. Share these programmes and encourage your family, friends or ANYONE you know who may benefit from having the guidance of these programmes right now!

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Programme One


Stay Healthy This Winter

This nine day programme will help you balance your energy step by step, day by day, so you feel confident, vibrant and healthy.  

Each day, for nine days, you will receive an email from me with a video showing the energy exercises that we can do together to build greater resiliency and health in your whole-body system.


I have worked with thousands of clients in my 20 years of clinical practice to help empower them to balance their energies, transform their health, and engage in their most vibrant life. 

Programme Two


Restore Your Health and Vitality

This nine day programme contains the most powerful and relevant energy exercises to help

you on your path to recovery from coronavirus.

When I was ill with coronavirus, I watched and felt the virus move deeper and deeper in my system, but at no point was I afraid. I had total confidence in my understanding of the energetics of what was unfolding, supporting my immune system and my lungs with simple energy exercises.


But like any aggressive flu, it takes TIME to recover your full strength, full energy and full health. A couple of days after feeling better I experienced a dip into tiredness again. Another couple of days of recovery and then another dip. My concern right now is that when you are unable to support the healing process and you are lost in fear and uncertainty, the likelihood of chronic post-viral fatigue becomes a real possibility for many people. 

Having seen the energy of the virus, and experienced it firsthand, I have put together this nine day programme, with the most powerful and relevant energy exercises to help you on your path to recovery from coronavirus. 

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