Self Testing - The Sway Test

One of the greatest empowerment tools that you can have in your daily life is to be able to test your own energy.

You may want to find out if you are grounded, or whether you are fully hydrated, you may want to test a specific energy system, or test to see what food your body best resonates with. Over the next few blogs, I’m going to be concentrating on tips and techniques for ensuring that your energy testing is easy and accurate.

For ease and most common (and essential) application I will concentrate on using self-testing for food for the first explorations of self testing,  looking at deeper ways of working with self-testing in a later blog.

The first and most important understanding is that energy testing is a process of communication. Self-testing is an art that, in most cases, you acquire through practice and developing a language of communication with your body.

Our energy fields are continually changing. They are a marvellous dance of dynamism. When we think of something joyful our energy fields shift and change, when we think of something saddening our energy fields shift and change; we are essentially dynamic. And it is exactly this dynamism that we are working with to communicate the overall needs/balances/imbalances of our energy system when we are self-testing. Thus, if my overall energy is doing OK and I bring some food into my biofield that is detrimental to me (i.e that my energy cannot assimilate or metabolise) then my whole energy system will fluctuate and actually become less-energised. If I self-test at this time with focused and non-biased intent then this will be communicated by the energy test indicating a weakened energy state.

There are three general ways to self-test;

  • Using a sway test

  • Using a muscle test

  • Dowsing

In this article we will be concentrating on how to self-test food using a sway test, but first it is important to energetically set yourself up so that there is a greatly reduced chance of inaccuracy in your testing. There are a few key things that can seriously compromise our energy systems

  • The first is not being grounded so if you are learning to self-test or if you are someone who struggles with being grounded then bring in a simple energy correction by spooning your feet. I explain this more fully at

  • The second situation that can compromise our energy system, and thus the effectiveness of the self-testing, is if your body is dehydrated. We are all aware of how water conducts electricity (precisely the reason we don’t balance an electric radio on the edge of the bathtub!), well, we need good conductivity of our electrical energy systems in order use energy-testing.  It is a good idea to drink water prior to self-testing so that you rule out dehydration as a possible negative influence on the accuracy of your testing.

It is also a great idea to do the Daily Energy Routine (DER)  before you test as that way you’ll be in your tip-top energetic shape whereby communication with your energy systems is going to be more enhanced than if you are feeling quite discombobulated.

So, once you know you are grounded and hydrated, get into a centred and balanced standing position.  Do not be right against a wall as, with this test, your body is going to sway either forwards or backwards depending on the results of the self-test.

  • Take a few breaths in this position so that you can really feel your balance. Have the intention of being really grounded and yet really light within your own centre of gravity. Self-testing using the sway test can be difficult if you are feeling ‘rigid’ within your body frame. Doing the DER can be a great way to lighten yourself if you are feeling a big stiff and rigid.

  • Take the food that you are wanting to test and hold it on your solar plexus.

  • Bring your consciousness to being open to whatever information your whole-body system will show you. Do not bring a bias into the testing (‘Oh, I really want to eat this and want the test to be strong’ or ‘I know I’m allergic to gluten so this bread is bound to be weak’). Keep your focus on your breath and your centre of gravity as you allow your energy fields to interact with the energy field of the food.

  • Observe which way your body moves:Forward sway (towards the food); the food is beneficial for youBackwards sway (away from the food); the food is detrimental for youNo sway (no movement); the food is neutral for you.

As mentioned earlier, this technique can take practice to learn how to deeply listen to the communication from your energy system. There will be some of you who do it and from the first time it is easy and accurate. There are others who may have to practice for a while to feel confident about the results, and there are still others of you for whom this test won’t resonate (don’t worry, there’ll be two other forms of energy self-testing that we’ll explore in the next blogs).

To watch me demonstrating the sway test on video you can click here

Let me know how you get on,

With love, Prune


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