An essential place to start with being more energetically conscious is in our understanding of whether or not we are grounded. What does that mean? We have a cultural awareness of someone feeling ‘grounded and stable’ or perhaps the opposite is true if you know someone who you feel is ungrounded and regularly ‘away with the fairies’. But what does it mean energetically and why is it important?

We are energetic beings. Technological advances have produced scientific machines that can read with great precision the electromagnetic energy that we emanate. Some of these are very familiar to us, such as ECGs (electrocardiograms) that measures the electrical activity of the heart.

Work done by scientific researchers such as the Heart Math Institute attest to the electro-magnetic field that the heart gives off; measurable up to more than a metre off the body. Other machines can measure the electro-magnetic energy of the points of the body used by acupuncturists and validate scientifically what the Ancient Chinese have known for thousands of years; that we have channels of energy (known as meridians) that run within the body carrying energy from one part of the body to another, and that along these channels are certain points through which the energy of the channel can be most easily accessed and influenced.

So this electrical energy is not simply flowing around and around. There are points in the body where energy or ‘Chi’ is both brought into the body to restore and energise and is released from the body to remove toxins and enable the channels to retain their flow. One of the most important of these access points is in the ball of the foot, the first acupoint on the Kidney meridian. Known to the ancient Chinese as the ‘Wellspring of Life’, it literally sucks up energy from the earth.

Just as the Earth is electromagnetic and has a north pole and a south pole, we also have an energetic pole through our centre. Remember one of the principles of energy medicine; that energy flows in patterns. The flow of energy from our feet, through our energetic pole and out of our head, is one such pattern. And this energy also moves in the opposite direction; from the crown of the head, through our energetic pole and then through our feet into the earth.