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Self Testing - The Muscle Test

As we explored in my first article on self-testing there are three main ways that you can self-test your own energy systems. Remember, before you start, it is important to ensure that you are grounded and well hydrated.

In this article, we are going to be concentrating on using specific muscles, testing the flow of energy through your muscle in order to determine whether the food is beneficial, neutral or detrimental for you.

All of the muscles in your body are governed by specific organ meridian systems. So, for example, the muscle that runs either side of the spine (sacrospinalis) is governed by the bladder meridian system. If you have tightness or pain in this muscle then working with the bladder meridian can release, relax and balance the meridian, which in turn balances the muscle. And this is true for every muscle within the musculature system. When you learn to use muscles as a self-testing tool, you are assessing the overall balance of the muscle in the presence of the food. You place the food within your energy system (usually on the Solar Plexus just below where the ribs meet in the middle because of its relation to the digestive system organs) and re-test the specific muscle to check if the energy of the food is in resonance with your system. Remember that your energy fields are dynamic and ever-changing to the environment, your thoughts, the vibration of the colours around you, electro-magnetic currents… and many many more factors.

When you place food within the centre of your energy system then your body’s energy fields change. If the vibration of the food enhances the energy in your system then the muscle test will show strong. If the vibration of the food is neutral for the energy in your system then there will be no change in the test. If the vibration of the food is detrimental and cannot be assimilated or metabolised by your body, the muscle test will weaken.

So, first, you need to choose the muscle that will be reliable for you. Click here to watch the video of me demonstrating some options for self-testing using muscles.

Here is a checklist of working with muscles for self testing

Identify which muscle you want to work with.

Keep practicing self-testing with Yes/No truths. For example, ‘My name is (your name)', then test. ‘My name is Mickey Mouse’, then test.

Don’t be worried if you at first you are not 100% accurate. Keep practising the self test until it becomes much more accurate.

Always make sure you are well hydrated when you are energy testing.

If you are someone who is often ungrounded (or if you are feeling a bit ungrounded / flighty / stressed) then rub your feet with a spoon before you energy test in order to have the correct polarity in your body. Check the spoon sticks to a magnet before using - you could use a fridge magnet to test this.

When you are working with self-testing in this way, you are communicating with the energy of the muscle that is being tested in order to gain information about the specific food / energy system. It is really important to remain non-biased as you test, or the powerful energy of your intention can affect the accuracy of the testing. If you are testing a piece of chocolate cake and you are determined that the cake is going to test strong for you, then guess what, it is probably going to test strong! And not because the muscle really is holding its integral strength, but because you are not listening to what the muscle is telling you. If you were to meet someone for the first time and after the initial handshake all you did was talk about yourself, you would come away with very little information about that person. It is the same with self-testing. If you are already talking yourself into one understanding (I am going to eat that cake) then your ability to listen to what your energy system is telling you will be very limited.

When you use self-testing to determine which foods your body can digest and metabolise, usually there are big surprises when you discover what you can eat on that specific day, and what you can’t eat effectively. You can feel so much more energised and healthy when you are fuelling your body just as it needs rather than taking up precious energy resources trying to digest food that isn’t suited to your body.

Good luck, bring the spirit of curiosity and play into your energy testing practice, and enjoy the results of eating to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.

With love,



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