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What you REALLY need to know about your energy

The human energy system is the foundation of your health.

Understanding how to support your energy means being able to support your physical health, your mental health and your vitality, so you can feel amazing and experience the fullness of your life.

You are so powerful, and this is what I wish for you, today and every day.

1. Your energy knows how to be healthy.

Each person is born with an energetic template of health. This template holds vitality, energy, connection, joy, abundance and radiance and every single person has this template in their energy fields. This means that your body, your energy, your soul KNOWS how to be healthy. You know how to be vibrant, joyful, expansive, abundant. This is hardwired in your very physicality.

So why aren’t you?

Because, over time, you picked up programmed ways of being that are compromising your full expression of your template of health. Sort of like a software glitch.

Now, instead of your whole energy field saying, ‘Oh my goodness, you are beautiful, wow! You are a glorious human being’, your energy field holds a programme that says, ‘Wow, look at her, I’m not as beautiful as she is. I wish my thighs weren’t so big, and why do I have my dad’s huge nose. She must live a really happy life. She deserves it much more than me. I will never be good enough.’


Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

How about this programme? ‘I am an essential part of Creation. The whole world is pulsing with gentle joy because I exist.’ Have you thought this about yourself today, because it is true.

Or perhaps, does that programme run a bit more like this? ‘Money is STRESSING me out. My LIFE is stressing me out. How am I going to pay my bills this month? What is happening in our society right now? If only I could actually get on with my life. I suck!’ Now, you can continue this sentence in any way, just know by now that your energy fields are in free fall and your adrenaline is in overdrive as your fight-fright-freeze response kicks in.

2. When you get stressed out or don't feel great, your energy patterns can lose their regular healthy flow.

Sometimes, when you get stressed, overtired or overwhelmed by the demands of your day, your energy patterns can begin to hold patterns of dysfunction. The patterns start to unravel and, little by little, your energy cohesion and organisation unravels too.

If you are able to rest, sleep, exercise, have fun or whatever you need to do to return to your balance, then these processes will help restore the healthy pattern and flow to your energy systems.

BUT! When you experience stress, tiredness or overwhelm day after day for a prolonged period of time, your energy systems can begin to hold a chronic pattern of imbalance. And this results in emotional turmoil, ill health or disease.

Dysfunction is always apparent in the energy systems before it gets through to the body.

It is just basic physics that the subtlest energies will be affected by other energy before the densest energies will respond. So your subtle energy systems in your aura will show up imbalance long before it has solidified into ill health in your body.

The GREAT news is that you can do something about these energy patterns. Easily. Simply. One day in the future, essential energy understandings will be taught in the home and in school. I am convinced of it. When enough people understand just how powerful they can be in affecting their own balance, health and vitality, it will become the new normal.

3. When your energy is coherent, you feel AMAZING!

When your energy systems are in coherence, you can experience joy, stability, mental clarity, easy connection to people, animals and the world around you. You feel amazing - whatever your own personal version of amazing is.

You can keep your balance when someone or something throws a curveball into your day, you can even keep your sense of humour.

You feel expansive and trusting.

You feel like you can deeply engage with your own life.

You feel like you belong, because you do.

I really, really hope for you that you have experienced times in your life when you felt this way. You have a birthright to feel this balanced, connected and happy.

I’m also pretty sure that you will have experienced the opposite of energetic coherence, when you have been crippled with emotion or overwhelm. Maybe you have felt lonely, desperate, angry, depressed, stuck in mind-fog, frightened to take the next step of growth in your life, non-trusting, not safe.

And I know that each of you have felt disconnected from others and disconnected from your own personal power and joy.

Your energy is the bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. By understanding it, and knowing how to balance it, you begin to experience more and more choice about how to respond to anything and everything in your daily life. The more you learn about energy the more you keep your energy systems coherent. And how do you feel when your energy is coherent? Amazing!

4. Your energy system holds the balance between you thriving or just surviving.

Each one of your energy systems is involved with keeping you alive and allowing you to live your most balanced, vital experience. They hold the balance between your ability to survive and your ability to thrive; a balance that is dynamic and changes with every thought you have or situation that you find yourself in.

You are not only here to survive, you are here for far more than that. When you are in survival mode then you are living the most constricted existence that you are capable of. Surviving is having to fight for your place. Surviving is having to continually make an effort to be heard or respected. Surviving is that feeling you get some days when you wake up and the only thing you look forward to is being able to go back to bed at the end of the day. Surviving is stress. Surviving is joyless.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help change your energy patterns from that of survival to that of thriving. So let’s have an exploration of what it feels like to thrive;

Thriving is living the most expansive existence you are capable of. It is that feeling that nothing is insurmountable, even if it is challenging. It is seeing the magnificence in all of creation. Thriving is being able to burst out laughing with no hesitation. It is being able to live from your heart centre with trust and openness. Thriving is being able to say, ‘I love myself. I love all of creation’.

5. YOU CAN empower your life.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling vibrant, happy and engaged with life, you never get ill, even if every member of your family is being hit with seasonal colds and flu! Your energy system protects you and when you are in your vital and harmonious energy, then your physical body will be kept in that very same place.

Now let’s take a different example. Have you ever noticed when you’ve had a headache, you were already feeling stressed or out of sorts beforehand. I doubt you’ve been struck by a headache on the days you felt amazing, vital and vibrant, it just doesn’t work like that. Your energy system was already a bit off and that is why you developed your headache. Your physical body manifests the imbalance in your energy system as physical symptoms.

Everything that you experience in your health and body has already been present in your energy system for a while. And if you have chronic physical conditions such as migraines, IBS, recurring slipped discs, or autoimmune diseases then these energy patterns have been in your system for a long time.

Everything that you experience is already held in your energy patterns, so when you can learn to change those patterns then you can truly and deeply heal your physical body, balance your emotions and change your interaction with your own life.

Your energy is the first place you experience your world. And if you know how to shift and manage that energy system then you can quite literally change your life and how you experience it. Because you are very, very powerful. You have complete control over your personal world and your worldview. 100%.

6. You are essential and always, always enough.

When are you a failure? There is one very simple answer to this question. Never. You are never a failure.

You never fail.

You can mess up.

You can get things wrong.

You can act in a manner less than the manner of your fullness.

But you never fail.

Every step that you take along the journey of your life is a success to be celebrated.

Every breath you take is inspiration, taken in deep and then gifted back into the world.

You are always doing what you can to be all that you are, and those time you realise that you haven’t managed to express your fullest, or to hold your biggest resilience, or to shine your bright smile bright, then know that is because you didn’t have access to that fullest, or biggest or brightest part of yourself.

And you still did what you could do to be all that you are. That is amazing!

Remember, you are always doing what you can do to be all that you are. And the more you give yourself permission to be ‘just’ you, to be who you actually are, in the quietest AND the most rambunctious parts of your deepest self, the more you open to the wild wisdom that lives within you. Your wild wisdom reminds you that you are OK. In fact, you are more than OK, you are amazing. You are essential and always, always, enough.

7. You are not alone.

We are living at a time of immense change as much of the old way of being and thinking is being called into question. As we face this together, we are not only in a societal and scientific revolution, but we are also in a spiritual revolution. Some days, that seems crazy exciting and filled with potential but on other days, this intense debate and questioning can be exhausting and overwhelming, until it is easier for each of us to simply focus on this new kind of daily life, taking care of yourselves and looking after the family.

For many people, the great question of ‘What can I do?’ becomes a recognition and acceptance of their own disempowerment, rather than an investigative call for action. And yet, you are so powerful.

As you expand your own consciousness, the whole of human consciousness is lifted, and the great news is that there are more of us working together to change our world that we possibly realise. For me, anytime I feel overwhelmed by the current state of the world, I immediately remind myself of the fact that I am doing my bit for social and environmental justice. You are doing your bit for social and environmental justice. Together there are millions of us doing our bit, and that makes me part of an immensely powerful and heart centred consciousness. And then I don’t feel overwhelmed. I know we will get there.

We are too smart, too creative, too aware not to figure this out. And what holds me in this place of hope is our children. No matter whether you are left wing, or right wing, someone with millions in the bank or simply scraping by; you love your children. You don’t want them to inherit a shattered world. And this will drive each of us to wake up, to continue making those changes. The fact that you are here, reading this right now, means that you are also ready for change, at every level, from how you understand yourself to how we’ll co-create our world, together.

With love,



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