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The Wise Heart

‘The heart has reason that reason cannot know.’ Blaise Pascale, 17th Century.

The energy of the heart is one of the most complex that we have within our energy systems. All of our human energy systems play into the heart field so that it is a rich, complex and ever changing weaving of information, processing and wisdom.

What do we know about the energy anatomy of the heart?

1. The Heart Meridian

It runs on both sides of the body from deep inside the armpit, down the inside edge of the arm and off the inside of the little finger. Because of the electrical component of the heart, the heart meridian is one of the most electric of all of the meridians.

2. The Heart Chakra

It spans the length of the sternum and surrounds that area on the front, sides and back on the body, acting as the central chakra (there are three chakras above it and three below it). From this place of centrality, the heart holds and moves the relevant energy throughout the body and the other energy systems. The electromagnetic energy of the heart goes out from the heart chakra several feet from the body.

3. The Heart Field

Within the heart field is the Anchor Point, a minor chakra, that anchors the Assemblage Point into the Energetic Core. The Assemblage Point determines how we perceive ‘reality’, or we could say it is where our inner perspective of the world meets the world, thus informing and reinforcing more about our internal perspective of the world.

The golden hearts are also in this heart field. A portal into and out of the body, they are closely linked with the radiant circuits and the energetic core.

When we meet another person it is the electromagnetic field of the heart that envelops us. Someone with a strong heart field can fill a whole room with the grounding, loving energy that the heart field emanates. When we are in the presence of someone with this heart energy then our own heart energy finds a deeper resonance. 

Below is a simple exercise that you can do to affect the heart field. It helps to ground and centre the heart field, aiding it in finding the deep coherence necessary to govern the body. It is great to use to help evolve your heart field in general or to use specifically when you are feeling disparate or emotional.

When you do this exercise hold an image in your mind of the heart field as beautiful pulsing music moving from the heart centre out around you by several feet. Like an incredible symphony, all the notes flow in harmony to create the overall piece. If you feel that one part of the orchestra is a little squeaky or that then percussion is banging too hard, or perhaps the brass is playing a different piece of music completely, then this exercise can bring the orchestra back into its cohesion.

  • Place your left hand over the sternum in the centre of the heart field.

  • With the fingertips of your right hand tap the back of the left hand between the little finger and the fourth finger.

  • Find the rhythm that is most settling to you and continue to tap for as long as you need to begin to deeply settle - if you don't know how to start, begin by tapping a waltz rhythm and go from there.

  • You will notice that although this may take 30 or more seconds at first, as you use this exercise more and more it may only take a few seconds for your heart field to make the necessary adjustments and find its resonance.

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