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The Assemblage Point

This blog is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is a television show in which celebrities pair up with professional dancers to entertain the audience with their journey into dancing (or not, as the case may be). There are lots of sequins, bare chests, toe flicks and gossip. And just sometimes, there is something that transcends the ordinary.

Back in 2015, Jay McGuiness came out to dance his 3rd week dance, and everyone recognised they were seeing something extraordinary.

When Susan Boyle strode onto the Britain’s Got Talent Stage at the age of 47 and announced she wanted to be famous and sing like Elaine Paige, the watching nation were mockingly cynical, and yet most had tears in their eyes by the end of her song and she now sings to packed concert halls. Why? What does she have that can touch so many people? Watch Susan here.

When Paul Potts walked onto the stage, with barely enough confidence to put one foot in front of the other after the years of bullying he had endured at school, the studio audience were mildly impatient. And yet they were on their feet by the end, and the video clip from the show has had more than 140 million views, making it one of the top 100 most watched YouTube videos. Why? What did we all see?

The audience went wild, and Strictly fans all over the nation went wild. Why? Yes, he could dance, but there was something else….

We saw each of these people connect into their soul, their deepest essence, and live from that place. They expressed not only their essence, but their connection to it. And when such alignment happens we all see it and know it. Even if you don’t think you are someone who can see energy, you can. We all can and do every day, we simply don’t have the language to talk about it. And without the language, we can’t describe it or define it as a shared experience, so it gets lost as something intangible. But intangible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Yes, ‘seeing is believing’ but also ‘believing is seeing’. So, when we watch Jay or Susan or Paul, we all see something extraordinary. We see someone moving into alignment with their deepest essence and living it. And as they move into that place, not only do they transcend the ordinary, but they inspire us to recognise that it is possible for us too.

There is an aspect of your energy anatomy known as the Assemblage Point.

It is usually 15-30cm in front of the chest area and is connected by energetic threads, like silver filaments deep into the energetic core, where you house your essence. This Assemblage Point is one of the most remarkable aspects of your energy, not only because it regularly moves to adjust to different situations and perspectives, but its sheer luminosity denotes it as something connecting the human and the divine in your embodied human experience. I can get very excited about the Assemblage Point!

  • It is the only part of your energy anatomy that has its own biofield

  • It receives information and takes it into the energetic core as well as expressing information from the Energetic Core

  • It is connected to your Chakras, Dantiens, the Taiji Pole, Grid, the Stellar Diamond

  • It filters your perceptions.

One of the best ways I can help you understand the effect of the Assemblage Point is for you to think of a time when you have fallen in love. The whole world turns rosy! That neighbour/relation/colleague that has always been so annoying in your daily life, suddenly becomes quite an OK guy and you even share a joke together. The sunsets are extraordinary, food tastes better, the wind in your hair is caressing (instead of frustrating!), you can find beauty in all of the world. How? Why? How can life be experienced so differently simply because you are in love? The answer is held in your energy. When you fall in love, the Assemblage Point moves, sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly, depending on its original position. As it moves, you see the world differently. You experience the world differently, and thus, the world is different.

Your energy fields hold your consciousness and when you change your energy fields, your consciousness changes.

So, if you didn’t click on those links to watch Jay, Susan and Paul, then go ahead and do it now. Watch and notice that when they begin to sing or dance, they transform. Energetically, their Assemblage Point lights up and begins to vibrate at such a deep resonance that the Chakras change their vibration, the Aura changes its vibration, their entire energy changes; they are literally rewired as they sing/dance. And we can notice it show up in their eyes, their body stance, and in the fact that their nervousness disappears; it is transformed as they transcend the personal.

One of the clearest examples is to see Paul Potts when he is getting ready to go on stage, when he is presenting himself to the judges, and asking the assistant to turn on the music. His nervousness and insecurity are thoroughly apparent. Then we catch a glimpse of him as he prepares himself. Watch his eyes! You’ll see the moment that the Assemblage Point comes into alignment as his eyes suddenly shift deeper, and become more focused; the nervousness goes and he stands there as a pillar of strength, composed. And then he opens his mouth and magic happens as Nessun Dorma pours from his soul. But then, watch as he finishes singing. Within a second, you see his smile suddenly droops, his eyes shift and he is simply Paul standing in front thousands of people waiting to be judged. His Assemblage Point has moved back into its ‘usual’ position. Of course, the more he sings his confidence grows, his personal power and energy grow and his Assemblage Point remains in its enlivened, empowered position.

With Susan Boyle, the Assemblage Point begins to move as she hits the higher note of the opening sentence ‘I dreamed a dream of time gone BY’. By the time she starts the second sentence ‘I dreamed that life would never DIE’ it is fully in its aligned place and from then on in seamless beauty. Her Assemblage Point stays in place as she walks off the stage, but as she turns once she is called back on by the judges, it slips. Not much, she is still in her deep alignment, but is suddenly aware of where she is and what she has just done. Her Assemblage Point looks more resilient than Paul’s and his disclosure of years of bullying helps explain that.

And finally, to finish where we started; Strictly Come Dancing. In the clip, you get to see the very start of the dance where Jay and his partner are sitting at the table. It is AMAZING to watch his Assemblage Point as it is literally moving between where it ‘usually’ sits and where it is about to be transported to. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Hanging out in front of his chest and then shifting higher, connecting right into the 6th chakra so that it hovers somewhere in front of his nose (often, when I’m teaching about the Assemblage Point I’ll ask people to think of the Snitch in the Harry Potter movies as there are appropriate similarities!).

And then, with Jay, the instance the music starts, the Assemblage Point settles into its inspired, aligned position and he moves. Interesting, he actually holds the bridge of his nose for a second at the exact point it settles in. Whether that was choreographed or spontaneous, I don’t know, but it makes great sense energetically. From that point on, the dance is quite remarkable, and is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you even if you don’t like dance.

We are all humans, and seeing such human transformation speaks to our depths and our essence. And, what I love about watching Jay’s energy is that over the previous few weeks, his Assemblage Point had been moving from its ‘usual’ position. But at the end of the dance in week three, it doesn’t return to where it was in week one, it is raising, enlivening, shining brighter, and being the guiding light that will carry him forward. And maybe, just maybe, inspire a few of us towards our deepest alignment too.

With love, Prune



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