The Golden Hearts

With each breath we are gifted abundance. Breathing in through our nose and mouth, we bring the energy of the breath in through many other places in our energy bodies; our chakras, our aura, the mingmen point and our kidneys, through the Wellspring of Life acupoint on the ‘souls’ of our feet (yes, I know it is not the correct spelling for ‘sole’, but it is so appropriate.

And just to go off the beaten path a little…..I would offer that another place we breathe in deeply is through the area known as the raglan sleeves…the seam where our body meets our arms. An area of very powerful and sacred energy.

I used to wonder if this energetic opening was some kind of  vortex, a weakness in unity of the energy field, but it never felt to me that it was anything that was at all problematic or challenging. It looked somewhat similar to a vortex, but rather than the spiralling/tornado-like energy represented by a vortex, these openings look shimmery, more gentle, more beautiful.

Imagine smearing that part of your body and aura with a little swirly honey and then throwing gold dust on it…if you are seeing that in your mind’s eye then you are seeing what I see when there is energy moving in and out of those raglan sleeve areas. Again, much like the K1 point (The Wellspring of Life), I perceive it as an exchange point, a portal, this time between our spirit energy and the universal energy within which we exist. There are times when this area is not at all active or open…and that feels right for those times, but when it is active there is an open-ness, a beautiful vulnerability that we experience.I call these openings the Golden Hearts or the Spirit Hearts.

When we take our attention to these areas where the body meets the arms (front and back) there are many understandings that we can call upon.

Within this area are:

• Neurolymphatics for the Central Meridian (Traditional Chinese Medicine: TCM) • Neurolymphatics for Kidney Meridian(TCM) • Alarm point for Lung merdiian (TMC) • Start of Lung Meridian (TCM) • Start of Heart Meridian (TCM) • The outer edges of the middle Dantien that resides in the chest and transforms Qi energy into Shen (spirit) energy (Qigong/TCM) • Minor chakras that reflect the associated Major Chakra of the heart (Hinduism/Buddhism) • The left side of the chest houses the Qalb Lata’if (energy centre of the heart), the right side of the chest houses the Ruh Lata’if (energy centre of the Spirit). (Sufism)

As well as these direct associations listed above, many of the Meridians and Radiant Circuits pass through this area. In short, the Golden Hearts are amazingly powerful and sacred.

I have so much more to learn about these areas, but ever since I have been conscious of energy (as a child), I have seen this beautiful golden shimmer, gentle and magnificent. It is not a constant. There are plenty of people in whom I rarely see it, others in which it is very prominent. When a broken heart is healing, the Golden Hearts are open and sweet, beginning to reach out to the world again.  When an unexpected act of kindness has caught someone by surprise and moved them from a habitual state, the Golden Hearts ease open, unsure but delighted. During a healing session clients often find a sense of trust and peace within themselves and, as this is connecting, the Golden Hearts open and shimmer. They are intimately linked to the Radiant Circuit and are truly humbling to experience. And yes, remembering how I began this blog, they are also centres through which we the energy of breath can move in and out of our energy bodies. Interestingly enough, they are also where we absorb much of the sun’s energy. Sometimes, when I am on a beach or in a park where people are sitting and lying around in the sun the Golden Hearts are so vibrant that people’s faces can be obscured as those areas drink drink drink up the goodness of the sun energy.

I recently attended an Energy Psychology workshop on Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), an EP system founded by Asha Clinton. AIT has the client holding energy centres such as the chakras, rather than tapping meridian end points, and included working with the centre of the heart chakra and then holding what Clinton calls ‘the left heart’ and ‘the right heart’. Working from the Energy Psychology intention of treating trauma, she perceives that the left heart holds the energetic imprint of what emotions come into the heart/ whole-person system because of a specific trauma etc, and the right heart holds the energetic imprint of how we responded to those emotions/trauma. Thus, showing the yin (receptive) and the yang ( responsive) aspects. This very much fits with what I have experienced with the left and right Golden Hearts over the years, although, of course, as with all of our energy systems there are no absolutes!

So how can you work with them? As you are reading this, try placing your hands flat over these areas. It feels protective, enabling, healing, nourishing. How many of us find ourselves with our arms crossed over our chest with our own hands flat over the Spirit Heart areas…maybe when we are lying in bed or while lying flat meditating? Even, if you will, think of the foetal position and how our palms protectively lie over these Golden Hearts. Supporting these areas can be deeply important for where we are in our spirit/soul/body interplay, as we connect deeper and deeper to our divine self. Figure 8ing the area can also be supportive and nourishing. I have never been inspired or guided to do a chakra clearing on these areas for, although they are chakras, it feels like they work within their own wisdom and balance and don’t need me to ‘clear’ them. However it is an area in which I will spend some time to allow Reiki energy to flow into them as they seem particularly receptive to healing energy.

If these understandings resonated with you I hope you find a way to further nourish your own Golden Hearts and my biggest encouragement is for you to love them; caress them on yourself, blow them kisses, murmur how much you love yourself into these sacred areas….such messages will be carried deep into your spirit and soul and make your radiant circuits flow flow FLOW!

With much love, Prune


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