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Solar Flares, Eclipses, ENERGETIC INTENSITY!

Blimey! Does anyone else feel like they are taking a bit of a battering energetically?

Over the last two weeks I have watched as time and time again my heartfield has struggled and wavered. I am so grateful that I know how to immediately offer some support to that part of my energy system and restore and reconnect it back towards stability and resilience.

Your heartfield is the single biggest determinant of how you experience your daily life. Simply put, it is the electromagnetic field created by the powerful electrical energy that your heart organ contains and creates with each heartbeat. This is the electrical energy that is measurable by modern science and used in diagnosis technology such as an electrocardiogram. This electromagnetic field is so strong and powerful that it doesn’t just surround the heart, or even the chest, but it emanates 3-10 foot around your entire body and is most dense at the level of your chest.

Because every one of your trillions of cells has an electrical charge, because every nerve in your body operates through electrical charges, then when this largest and most powerful of your electrical fields is stable, then you feel grounded, centred and resilient, physically, cognitively and emotionally. You feel able to access deeper levels of your awareness and connectivity. In short, you feel strong, safe and aware.

When your heartfield is not stable but rather is wavering, erratic or depleted then you literally feel knocked off balance. You can feel emotional extremes, lacking in confidence, anxious, fearful, angry, or just ‘off’. Physically you can also be deeply affected, feeling tired or exhausted and unable to think clearly (brain fog). Any pain you have in your body can be exacerbated as your whole body system loses its natural flow and instead gets congested, meaning your heart, lungs and oxygen levels can also be greatly affected, which in turn leads to trouble sleeping. Every single organ you have holds varying levels of electrical density and all of these play to the tune of your heartfield. When your heartfield is not in its strength then no part of you can be in your strength.

Now, WHY have these past two weeks been so challenging?

Firstly because you are an energetically sensitive person. How do I know that? Because EVERYONE is an energetically sensitive person.

That is how the human energy field is designed. And I also know it because you are reading this blog, and you wouldn’t be attracted to knowing how to help yourself unless your energetic spidey senses were attuned enough to know that you are being destabilised and knocked off centre at the moment.

The specific reason these past two weeks have been especially challenging is because there has been more solar activity during this time than for a long while, and the strong electromagnetic field that is your heartfield can get greatly affected by other electrical fields. There have been over 20 solar flares in the last week with wave after wave of ionised particles impacting everything about our Earth’s magnetic field, including us! And not just solar flares and solar seismic waves, but two eclipses as well, with all of the deep energy work that they bring to your system.

April 30th brought a new moon and a partial solar eclipse, and today brings a full SuperMoon and a total lunar eclipse; their effects will last for several weeks after they occur. And (ok, this really is the last thing) on top of all of that we have the intense black vibration of this May’s cosmic energy.

NO WONDER the heartfield is really struggling!

So, number 1. Be gentle with yourself. If you feel like you are struggling in any way, understand a bit more about why this is the case and consciously decide, COMMIT, to be gentle with yourself and those around you.

2. Support your heartfield with energy exercises such as the Heart Loop and the Heart Hug.

3. Watch my May Energy Forecast to more fully understand what is happening to the energy all around you and within you and to do the exercises to best meet it easily. And if those exercises help then join me on my membership channel on youtube to go even deeper into balance.

4. Avoid things that affect your heartfield negatively. Caffeine, alcohol, and people who enhance your toxicity rather than your peace.

5. Go to ground, literally. Instead of sitting on a bench in the park, sit on the earth. Instead of going for a run through the woods, choose a tree and sit with it, in it, up it. Get as close as you can and as still as you can to the great electrical beings that are always around us; the soil, the trees, the boulders, the big bodies of water. Fall in love with that being and you’ll feel your heartfield grow and stabilise every time you even think of them, let alone make time to spend with them.

6. Consciously choose to notice joy and to feel gratitude. If you are having a particularly rough day then set an alarm every couple of hours to remind you. Each time it goes off choose three things to express your gratitude for - for example….’I am grateful for my breath. Thank you, breath. I am grateful for the sun. Thank you, sun. I am grateful for that little boy that just walked by my window laughing and so full of life. Thank you, little one for blessing my day’. Your heartfield will expand with every millisecond of gratitude and over the day will get stronger and stronger, gradually rebuilding a pattern of strength and resilience.

7. Know this will pass. I have shared before that one of my greatest mantras, one that I have written on every cell of my heart, is a line in the writing of Julian of Norwich, an anchorite nun from the 14th century. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

I love you. We are in this together and even when things seem pretty tough and confusing, I know that together we are all evolving our energy and therefore our consciousness to help create a very different and very beautiful world.

Big heart hug. Prune


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