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December full moon energy and you

The energy of this December Full Moon is mind-blowingly magnificent. Have you seen it in the night sky over these past few days? Sometimes the cosmos aligns in a way that humans cannot fail to notice, and this Full Moon energy is one of these times.

Have you gone outside and stood in it? This is the moon to open your heart to, even during the day, for it has a specific energy that can flow straight through your heart field and into your depths to activate your soul light and inspire your profound connection with the special path that only you are walking.

Every moon has a specific energy and in my energy forecasts I am always aware of the specific hue that the moon is lending to the cosmic energy field that we are all living within. This moon is no different in that respect, but it is unique in that this moon comes at the threshold of the year, the pause point between 2020 and 2021.

Thresholds denote an ending and a beginning. With its etymological roots in the threshing of corn and grain, there is the understanding of a parting and a transformation. In modern language, we use the word threshold in lots of different ways; to illustrate a specific transformation point in physiological awareness, such as a high pain threshold or a low boredom threshold, or to denote a change in surroundings such as a door or gate into a house. In the ritual where a groom carries his new bride across the threshold of his home, there is much ancient tradition of the power and symbolism of the threshold.

Since I was tiny, I notice physical thresholds (such as leaving the outside world and going into a house or building) and energetic thresholds (such as where sheltered woodland meets an open meadow) for the energy of a threshold is always strong and rich; it is a change point, and as such offers alchemic change for you too.

When you are at a threshold you move from one context of experiencing into another, you are about to move into a different energetic existence and because of this, thresholds are phenomenally potent. There are three words that always leap out at me when I stand at or on a threshold; pause, power and potential.

And right now we are all standing on the threshold of the year, saying goodbye to one and greeting another.

2020 has been a powerful year, a swirling cauldron of transformation, holding destruction and death and creativity and birth. What kind of year are you dreaming into being for 2021?

This December Full Moon offers a transformational portal to all that you have been working within your unique walking on your path. In my video I share an exercise to help you deeply align to the magnificent energy of this December Full Moon.

Near the top of your sternum is an amazing part of your energy anatomy - a swirling portal that provides a bridge between your conscious and your subconscious, your internal soul and your connective soul, your experiencing of your inner world and your ability to co-create your outer world.

This full moon energy is shining straight into that point in a way that encourages healing on every level, physical, emotional and more. You can energetically bathe in the light that it shines into you, as well as bathe in your own light that gets activated more deeply by this nurturing, inspiring energy.

Wherever you are right now, whatever time of day or night it is, for a moment give your attention to the sky above you, even if there is a ceiling or multiple ceilings above you, for above them all is the night sky filled with the emanating energy of the moon and the rest of the cosmos.

Breathe this vibration in deep; the upcoming year is dawning and we are all called to be ready. Let the moon illuminate you as you walk forward, filled with courage, compassion and determination.

With love, Prune

You can read more about the seasonal energy that surrounds you in my Energy Forecast blogs for 2020 and 2021.


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