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The Daily Sacred - Greeting the Day

“Buddhist teacher and author Thich Nhat Hanh puts it like this;

‘We have a word to ‘be’, but what I propose is a word to ‘inter-be’.

Because it’s not possible to be alone, by yourself. You need other people in order to be. Not only do you need a father, mother, but also an uncle, brother, sister, society. You need sunshine, rivers, air, trees, birds, elephants and so on. So it is impossible to be by yourself, alone. You have to inter-be with everyone and everything else, and therefore, to ‘be’ means to ‘inter-be’.

The word I use for inter-being is interconnectiveness. This is the word that Elder Murdena Marshall from the Mi’kmaq First Nation, brought forward in her profound work of helping weave greater understandings between the indigenous worldview and the mainstream scientific worldview. A vital component of the concept of interconnectiveness is that it is continually in process. This marks it as different from the description of being interconnected. ‘Interconnected’ can suggest that there is a fixed link between two (or more) beings.

Interconnective holds a different awareness that is active, and on-going. Let’s put it into a concrete example: You are always connected to a child of yours even when they are an adult, and that now adult child is always connected to you. This can be through genes, and through the historical role of ‘parent’ or ‘child’. You are interconnected through these genetic and historical roles. However, it doesn’t mean that you are in active relationship with each other. If you and your child are estranged then the interconnected aspect of your relationship still exists; the genes and the historical role is still as it was, but there is no living relationship being continuously co-created.

However, if you and your child regularly speak to each other on the phone, or meet up even though you live in different houses or countries. If you engage with each other and are still involved in each other’s lives, then this is being actively interconnective; it is a relationship that is present, active, and engaging. If only one of you tried to be interconnective it wouldn't work. There is an imbalance of energy as one of you tries to reach out and the other rejects that contact. Being interconnective has to come from both parties and together you co-create your relationship.

So I’m going to say that your relationship with all of Creation is interconnective. The sun shines for you and your radiance, the rain falls for you and your nourishment, the crops grow for you and your body’s needs, that beautiful tree in the park nearby reaches towards you as you sit beneath it, grounding you, healing you. You are in relationship with everything.

Take a moment to really consider this. If all this is true, what have you done for the sun? And the rain? And the crops? And the tree in the park? How have you kept this present, active, and on-going relationship going?

And! wait a minute, don’t get megalomaniacal on me. I’m not suggesting that the sun, rain, tree etc is ONLY for you. Every sentient being on this planet is engaged in an interconnective relationship with the sun, rain, crops, trees, and every other sentient being. You are not exclusively responsible for keeping it all in order!

And yet, you have a part to play in holding the harmony of the cosmos. It is a unique role that only you can play. It is an essential role that only you can play. And when you actively engage in that unique role you know yourself to be connected, informed, held and helped by the very cosmos that you are a unique, essential part of. You live in alignment with the cosmos.

But what does it mean in a practical way? And what do you do about it? Will the sun fall from the sky if you are interconnective? Will the crops fail? Oh dear, that fear is creeping in again; what does it all mean?

This is where your energy systems come in. Everything that I’ve written about here is not the slightest surprise to your energy systems.

At your core level understanding everything that I’ve just written is easier than breathing. Much, much easier than breathing.

Your Soul knows itself to be in total interconnectiveness with all of Creation. Your Soul has spent every moment since your birth helping with this process of interconnectiveness.

Everything that I see about the energy of your soul, makes this knowledge super simple.

At the moment, there are many children who have an opalescent colour in their soul colour/life colour. This opalescent colour indicates a soul vibration of connective joy and inspiration. On numerous occasions, I have been in a room with several people and seen one of these children with an opalescent soul colour walk into the room. Instantaneously, the energy field around all of the other people in the room activates. A gentle joy begins to buzz through their energy fields. And this is irrespective of whether these people have even seen the child, they can have their back to the child and their energy fields will still begin to vibrate with joy. The soul colour of the young person has communicated directly with the energy fields of the other individuals and has initiated a gentle but profound change. And all of this has happened without anyone else in the room knowing about soul colours or opalescence or anything to do with energy fields.

This is who we are. This is who you are; someone who is intricately and intimately connected to all of Creation. Everything, everyone, every thought, every action. You are connected. As I write these words you are already connected to them even though it may be months or years before you read them. I am writing them for you now, and your energy fields know them. You are that vast, you are that magnificent, you are that powerful. You are one of the grand co-creators of the world that we live in. Thank you.

One of the things I share a lot of is what I call the Daily Sacred; bringing simple sacred acts into your regular life to nurture your energy, nurture your soul and deepen your relationship with all of Creation.

What I propose today is a daily greeting

Remember, you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. People, plants, animals, actions, thoughts. Everything is interconnective, and part of your unique role is to continually reconnect the energy between yourself and each other point of life. Now this sounds huge, and it is, and it is also really really simple.

Greeting the day

Do this when you wake up, or when you first look out of the window, or when you first step outside your house - greet the day. You can do it in your own way, however resonates with you. I’ve written some different ways to get you started, but you’ll soon find your words and your way of engaging in your ongoing relationship with the cosmos.

Good morning Wednesday. I greet you and welcome you. Thank you for being here today. I am grateful you exist.

Hello Sun! Hurray. I love you. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for kissing my skin and lighting up my radiance. You are magnificent and my life is only possible because of you. If I could hug you, I would.

Greetings sun/rain/grey clouds. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for bringing all you do.

Hello Universe. I’m struggling a bit today, thank you for holding me. I love you.

Hello day. Today I choose joy and happiness. Thank you for helping me out with this. I hope that all of creation experiences joy today, and for those who don’t, I offer some of the joy that I experience up into the cosmic joy pot so that when they can, they’ll have a bit of extra joy to breathe into and rest in.

Beautiful tree! Greetings Great one. You are ancient and amaze me. I bet you’ve seen so much, and now you are seeing me. I see you too. Blessings on your day and on your leaves/fruits/seeds/boughs/roots. See you tomorrow!

Hello birds. Greetings. Look at you whizzing around today. Fly for me, little ones, as I don’t have wings. Blessings on your amazing wings and on your hearts that beat so crazy fast. I hope this season is a kind one to you and your loved ones.

With love,



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