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Womb Wisdom

I am so fascinated by the womb. It holds an energy unlike any other in the body and when I look at it, one of the things I see energetically that most intrigues me is the way that it is connected to so much more in the body; the heart, the kidneys, the breasts, the soul. 

Filaments of golden light emanate from the womb, connecting, questing, asking for you to reach your consciousness down to her so that she may show you more. And this is whether or not you still have a womb. If you are a woman then the energy of the womb is within you.

The womb is deeply sacred. She is the power that sits deep inside us, guiding us and wanting us to greet her and know her secrets. She houses our creativity and our fertility, not just for our physical children but also for all of our creativity and fertility. She will take our pain and fear deep into her house to protect us and help us walk our way forward in our world without having to experience their proximity. She is fierce, burning with rage if our children are threatened or wronged. She is fire and water perfectly balanced, living in close relationship with the soul, and when we are listening to her, when we are connected to our womb, we are never alone.

We know our power, we know our strength, we know that beauty is what is held inside and we emanate that power, strength and beauty through our whole body. When we are in relationship with our womb, we are mighty women, able to laugh and to cry openly and easily, able to galvanise communities with the warmth of our connection to self and others.

Each of our wombs are connected to the womb of the world, and from there, we are always nourished, always loved, always wanted, always belonging. The power and sacredness of the womb is something that can never be captured by the bio-medical view of the ‘uterus’.

When you are in relationship with your womb, your sensuality reaches into your soul and every part of your life. You notice the world around you, you experience your essential role in it, you are a sensuous being, loving your world and your life.

With love



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