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Thyroid Disorders - Finding Resonance

Guest post by Tara Beck.

In June of 2011, my eyes were opened to the modern epidemic of thyroid disorders.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that month, and I didn’t even know what that meant. 

Researching further, I discovered that thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer have all been growing at exponential rates in recent years. Thyroid cancer, in fact, is now the fastest growing type of cancer. 

Studying this condition in both myself and in my clients, I now understand that the thyroid gland is a dynamic, vital and beautiful part of our anatomy. Although the thyroid is amazingly complex with numerous chemical and biological functions, it can also be surprisingly simple to work with using the proper balancing techniques.

There are many contributing factors that can lead to a thyroid condition. Direct links to the small intestine, adrenals, triple warmer and spleen, pituitary, hypothalamus, thymus gland, stomach and throat chakra are all relatively common. The throat chakra in particular is unique from the other chakras because it has seven chambers running vertically up the length of the throat, while other chakras are shaped more like spiralling disks.

Each of the seven chambers of the throat chakra correlates with one of the other chakras, and these chambers are where the information from each chakra is metabolised, sorted, and assimilated with the other chakras. The throat chakra chambers continually seek resonance with each other, and with us. When resonance cannot be attained, chambers can become blocked and trap energy. This trapped energy can significantly interfere with the health and vitality of the thyroid, which sits like a fragile butterfly within these chambers. These blockages also prevent us from fully accessing our wisdom and experience. We can only speak freely from unblocked chakras, so blocked chakras can severely limit our ability for full and complete self expression.

So what is resonance, and how do we achieve this optimal state?  To answer these questions we need to first understand the relationship between our chakras and our soul.  As our soul progresses, all of our experiences are stored within our chakras, and each time we begin a new journey, we build upon the wisdom of those previous experiences that are already encoded in our chakras. We’ve all known a baby or child who has been called an “old soul” or “wise beyond their years”. Some young people just seem to have an adult-like knowledge and an understanding of concepts that they haven’t learned but just seem to know. These old souls and the great wisdom they carry are incredibly important during trying times when the world needs experienced individuals to lead us through change. In fact, we are currently approaching an apex in our human existence, and this is a very challenging, powerful and critical time. Fortunately our planet is currently loaded with old souls who can help us navigate toward solutions. It’s like we’ve been here before, there are better ways of being, and our chakras hold that information.

With the information stored in our chakras, we all come pre-equipped with the skills and knowledge to help change the course of our existence, and we only need to tap into ourselves to access these resources. When we achieve this internal connection, and are able to realise what we know, feel what we know, and move with what we know at a very deep level, then we create resonance within ourselves. We somehow know, see, hear and feel our inner drumbeat, the driving force inside that compels us to study certain subjects or draws us to certain people, places or animals. When we tap into our inner soul path, it is like something inside of us suddenly comes alive. This is resonance, and it feels mighty. There’s a power, a knowing, a wisdom and our soul truly sings when we finally lift the veil of what we’ve forgotten, and begin to remember who we really are. We feel alive and complete.

Maintaining resonance can be challenging in a world where traditions, norms and conformity are sometimes valued more than individual self-expression. Our schools, religions, politics and communities each play a part in defining and reinforcing what is true or not true, right or wrong, moral or immoral, acceptable or unacceptable and good or evil within our respective cultures. However, the knowledge stored within our chakras provides each of us with our own personal compass to navigate our life. This internal compass carries the wisdom of our past and will inevitably conflict with some of the cultural standards and opinions. 

Conflict with our inner voice is typically the instigator of activism, or on a more subtle level, simply choosing the road less traveled. It is also this inner voice that moves us to engage with ourselves and with our community in more meaningful ways. Think of what it felt like when you suddenly became inspired to take up painting or photography, or resolved to leave your comfort zone to join a social group or take singing lessons, or completely changed careers, or decided to have a child. There’s often an internal impetus in our life choices that push us toward resonance with our chakras and our soul.

Often thyroid disorders are associated with a lack of “speaking up for yourself”. But it’s so much more than that. Speaking up doesn’t necessarily have to come through your words. It can be expressed in choices that you make in your life that bring harmony to your inner voice.  Finding peace within ourselves and living comfortably within the set structures of our community is a delicate dance where heart, mind, intuition and compromise all play together. Given the location of the thyroid at the intersection of all these paths, it is not surprising that thyroid problems can manifest as a result of these struggles. When we find peace within ourselves, the thyroid will thrive. When there is congestion and a lack of true expression from the soul, it is difficult to keep the thyroid gland healthy regardless of diet, medication or supplements. The thyroid will be a lot more forgiving of diet, lifestyle and stress levels if we are truly walking the path we were destined to walk.

If we are able to find resonance where we can live and love peaceably within our culture and in harmony with head and heart, it provides a protection to overcome other factors that might otherwise provide a challenge to the thyroid. Finding resonance within ourselves can activate our body’s natural ability to heal and feel more joy. We won’t be so easily triggered by outside circumstances when we have peace within. It doesn’t require meditation, but it provides a similar result. Having clear channels through our throat allows us to access all of the wisdom from our chakras, so we experience our life in a more connected, complete way. Also, when all of the chambers are open and unblocked, we are able to speak and move in a way that reflects the awareness of them all. We feel more whole, because we are accessing the totality of our experience.

Here is a simple and fast exercise that can be done daily to immediately help clear congestion in your throat chakras:

  • Starting in the centre of the throat over the thyroid, use the index and middle finger of both hands. Stretch gently one set of fingers up to the jaw, the second set of fingers stretching down to the collar bone.

  • Following the diagram, repeat this for the 6 remaining vertical columns.

  • End by using your thumb and middle finger to do a very gentle butterfly pinch right on top of the thyroid gland to reset it.

  • Repeat daily to help heal the throat, the chakras and the thyroid.

Support your thyroid gland by making a choice today that resonates all the way down to your soul. Maybe for you that means saying “no” to something without feeling a need to give an explanation. Maybe it means starting to write that book that’s bubbling up inside you. Maybe it means clearing some time for a walk or a visit with a loved one. Maybe it’s learning something new that’s always called to you. Maybe you have always dreamed of visiting a place, and now is the time to bring that dream into life. Whatever makes your heart sing, your body leap and your soul delight. Let it begin.

With love,


About the Author:

Tara Beck is an Advanced Energy Medicine practitioner and founder of Energy Passage


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