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The Grandmother's Secret

What are your feet resting on right now? Unless you happen to be in bed reading this (lovely!) then your feet will most likely be on the floor. And whether that floor is grass, concrete, tarmac or 12 storeys high you have the ability to connect deeply into the nourishing energy of the Earth.

This article will show you another way to activate that nourishment within your whole system.

Donna Eden, in her book, Energy Medicine for Women, describes an exercise called The Grandmother’s Secret. It is a simple exercise in which, lying on your back with your hands on your lower abdomen, you rotate your hips in a continual figure 8 pattern until you begin to feel that pattern pulsing within and around you. The figure 8 (all done with the hips) can be towards your head and your feet, which is the way that it is used in the Cherokee Nation, or can be from side to side, (the way it is used by women in the Middle East…think Belly Dance!). It is a fundamental rhythm that connects us to the earth. Well, more than that, it feels to me that it is the yin energies of the earth that are enveloping me, pulling me deep into the rich juiciness of the earth, and also into my own rich juiciness of being a woman, alive and conscious.

This deep, resonating earth bond has been with me and around me for most of my life, as I grew up in rural, Celtic Cornwall, England, surrounded by hills of incredible power and energy. Maybe it is more accurate to say that the land grew me up, rather than I grew up; we are so deeply affected by the environmental aspects of where we grow and live and I feel great gratitude to have been grown within the energy of that land. I lived  and grew on the Rainbow Dragon ley line and learned through its rhythm, its power, its secrets. In my late teens, after moving house and no longer living on the Rainbow Dragon line,  I experienced two years of being bed ridden with illness, and at that time I lost my deep connection to the earth and to myself. As I returned more to balance and health and spent more time outdoors, I felt that deep pulsing rhythm come back into my body and I sobbed at the reconnection, recognising an old cherished friend that I had not even realised I had missed.

As we move forward in these times of environmental and social upheaval, I feel that such challenge and opportunity will be greatly aided by deepening our connection with the rhythms of the earth so that our amazing logical analytical brains can be guided by our open hearts, informed by the wisdom and awareness of our sentient planet. So I advise all my clients, male and female, to get those hips moving! Not just for individual health and personal vibrancy, but for benefit of all of creation.

With love, Prune


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