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The Deep Heart

I want to share with you one of the most profound of the complex energies of the heartfield; an energy field I call the Deep Heart.

The deep wisdom of your heartfield is the most captivating energy to sit within and share with others. It guides your intuition, processes your experiences and acts as the magnificent conductor of the orchestra that you think of as ‘you’.

Donna Eden writes, "The heart is awesomely intelligent, having every single receptor that the brain has. It thinks. It remembers. It feels, knows and loves. It is hard-wired for bliss.” And when you activate the bliss of your own heart, then all hearts that you touch are reminded of their own innate capacity for magnificence and bliss.

How many of you have experienced pain, tightness or tension underneath your left shoulder blade? And for those of you who have, have you noticed that when you are stressed, especially with emotional stress, that tension increases? Often, finding ways to lessen the tension is really difficult, no matter what self help tools you have in your pocket.

I have noticed over the years that behind the heart organ itself there is often a pocket of heart energy that can get to be so big that it pushes out from under the shoulder blade itself. This is what I mean when I write of the deep heart. It is the way in which some of the emotions and energy are purposefully held in a protective pocket behind the heart.

Imagine a cave behind the heart, a place where you can put all of the heart emotions that you can’t quite process. All those times when your heart has struggled to process something, and you know you are retreating into the deep heart, the cave of the heart, to figure things out. Sometimes you sit in the cave of the heart and bring understandings forward, sometimes you leave the cave having added another layer of non-processed heart thoughts and emotions.

Such energy can sit deep in the heart cave quietly waiting until you are able to return to process it, or it can start shouting loudly that you need to figure it out! Think of pain in your body as being SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS letting you know that your attention is needed.

There are various ways in which you can work to balance the deep heart. If you are experiencing pain around or under the shoulder blade then don’t forget the simplest of pain techniques... the magical hairbrush! Choose a hairbrush that has plastic bristles with little rounded knobs on the end as they don’t prick your skin. Then simple tap the hairbrush all around the painful area. The hairbrush helps disperse the congested energy and can often quickly relieve the pain. And it isn’t simply a short-term solution either. When you remember that you are able to change and evolve your energy habits, then if you regularly use the hairbrush in places where there are patterns of pain or tension then you are able to open up enough space for the healthy energy patterns to re-emerge.

And you may find that using the hairbrush all around the shoulder gives some relief from times when the area is painful because of excess energy in the back heart, but at the same time, sometimes it really needs to be processed through the heart. A wonderful way to do this is to connect the heart with the root chakra.

On the left side of the body, with one hand draw an imaginary line straight across from the armpit crease towards the sternum, and at the same time with the other hand draw another one up from the left nipple. The point at which these two lines intersect is a powerful access point into the energy of the heart. Bunch your first and second fingers and your thumb together (called a three-fingered notch) and place the fingertips of your bunched fingers into this heart point. With your right hand also form a three fingered notch and place that just inside the right hipbone in the crease where the leg meets the body. Hold these points together for a few minutes. This is a wonderful way to connect the wisdom of the heart into the wisdom of the root chakra, and thus the whole chakra system.

You can bring greater energetic consciousness to this exercise by spending the few minutes while holding the points concentrating on your breathing, on relaxing and also sending love and gratitude to your heart. While you are doing so, bring your attention to the cave of the heart and bathe that area with love and gratitude too. If there is a particular person or experience that you know is needing to be processed and is likely sitting in the deep heart, then you can also send love and gratitude to that person/experience. As one of my teachers, Mi’kmaq Elder Murdena Marshall, recognises, 'Love is the main ingredient of wellness'.

This is a powerful exercise and, done regularly, it will help bring a deeper balance and peace to the heartfield that governs so much of your whole body system.

With love,



Prune gives loving credit to Donna Eden for developing the exercise to connect the heart with the root chakra described in this article.


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