The Amazing Spinal Flush

If there is another person in the room as you are reading this then don’t let them leave….it will be of benefit to you both! One of the most simple and powerful energy medicine techniques that we can share with another person is the Spinal Flush.

By massaging either side of the spine in the spaces between the vertebrae, we are able to affect change within the whole-body system.

And this is because these powerful points, known as Shu Points in Chinese medicine, work to stimulate and balance the meridian organ system, relax Triple Warmer, balance the movement of lymphatic fluid, bring balance to the nervous system and can even activate the Radiant Circuits.

Watch a demonstration of the spinal flush here.

One of the primary reasons for the Radiant Circuit activation is simply that you are in the amazing position of being able to give and to receive healing, caring energy with another person. Never underestimate the effect of sharing touch in helping our systems move towards health and joy. It is one of my daily delights to give a spinal flush to my husband and to get one in return.

We do have corresponding points on the front of the body, known as Mu points, so if there isn’t another person with whom you can exchange a Spinal Flush then it is still possible for you to bring the same benefits to your whole-body system.

This picture shows the positioning of the front neurolymphatic points and you can watch this video of the daily energy routine to see one way to effectively work with them.

I have yet to meet anyone who can’t give a good spinal flush, but it can take time and feedback before we get it right. So be patient with yourself and your partner as you are learning how to give a spinal flush that suits their system. Ask if the pressure is correct - the objective is to massage each point as deeply as is possible without causing pain. You will find that some days there are certain points that give a lot of discomfort, and these are the very points that need to be worked the most on that particular day, in order to bring balance to the specific meridians organ system represented by the painful point.

Today as my husband gave me a Spinal Flush, the Stomach Shu point was really sore (it made me yelp!). That lets me know that the Stomach meridian organ system needs some extra attention today. I will work my Stomach Mu points throughout the day to help continue to bring balance and health to this system. (It also invites me to explore what occurred yesterday that brought imbalance to my stomach meridian system).

In general, a spinal flush can help bring balance to:



Lack of grounding



Negative emotions

Digestive issue

The nervous system


Hormonal imbalances

(Really, the list is endless…..)

And as with all energy medicine approaches, the more regularly you do a Spinal Flush the greater the benefits as the superficial imbalances become non-existent and the deeper health challenges are able to be addressed.

The Mu and Shu points are our most powerful and simple daily tool, I hope you enjoy getting and giving a Spinal Flush.

With love, prune


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