Self Testing - The Pendulum Test

Following the blogs on self-testing using the sway test and using muscles, here we are exploring using a pendulum for self-testing.

There are many different kinds of pendulums that you can use for this, from crystals hanging on silver chains, to a stone with a hole in it hanging from string.

Personally, since I learned to work with muscles for self-testing I no longer use this form of testing, but for many people, working with a pendulum remains the easiest and quickest system to learn so I am including it here in this range of self-testing.

It moves the emphasis away from direct connection with the energy systems of the body and more into the connection that you have with your higher self and the wisdom held in the web of creation. For this reason, Donna Eden doesn’t teach using a pendulum, as her work is wonderfully grounded in the body and being able to test the energy systems physically. I would also encourage you to work with either the sway test or a muscle based self-test, but (and it is a big but!) if you feel that you hold much more resonance working with the pendulum then the most important factor is that you energy test your food with a reliable testing tool. If the pendulum is the tool for you then, use it!

You can watch me using a pendulum to test food here.

  • Centre yourself and ensure that you are grounded and hydrated (same as in the other forms of self-testing). It is important that when you put the food into your energy systems that they are in their best place of cohesion and balance to enable the most accurate testing.

  • Hold pendulum in front of the heart.

  • Ask to see a ‘yes’ answer. Note the direction of the pendulum swing

  • Ask to see a ‘no’ answer. Note the direction of the pendulum swing

  • Place food on solar plexus

  • Hold pendulum in front on heart.

  • Remember to remain objective and non-biased.

  • Observe which way the pendulum moves. If in the ‘yes’ direction, your body holds resonance with the food being tested. If in the ‘no’ direction, your body does not hold resonance with the food and cannot fully assimilate/metabolise the food.

The reason we do the testing over the heart field is that the heart field holds the resonance of the entire energy system. When you take food into your body or energy system that does not resonate with you, the heart field dips. Literally, the energy of the food is knocking the energy of your body off balance, and the magnificent heart field that co-ordinates much of the orchestra that is our energy system, has to try to reset around it.

When you are working with a sway test then this shows up by the heart field dipping and the body moving backwards. When you are working with a muscle test, this dip in the heart field shows up in the integrity of the strength in the muscle. When working with a pendulum, the dip in the heart field creates a disturbance that the pendulum will demonstrate with the ‘no’ direction.

As with any of the self-tests, the most important place to be in is enquiry. When you can bring the spirit of exploration and adventure into testing food then your relationship with food broadens, expands, becomes much less limited. In this way, no only are you eating food that resonates with you, but you are doing so with consciousness and confidence.


With love, Prune


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