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June 2024 Energy Forecast - YOU ARE ENOUGH. Already. Right now.

“Step into your own empowerment.” This is the vibration, the information, the message and rich song of this month’s cosmic energy. 

Fling your arms and embrace the world you wish to create. 

No dream is too big, as long as you stay grounded. 

As we approach the solstice there is a fundamental expansion occurring in the energy all around you and within you and it will especially be affecting your root chakra; that place of deep belonging, of tribal connection, of finding your soul family, of sex and sensuality, and of potential. 

I want to help ensure that you are able to expand along with this big June energy rather than feel like it is pushing you too fast, too hard and too intensely. 

Have you ever been at a concert as a big piece of music is really ramping up to its climax? The energy of the band is increasing, the energy in the crowd is increasing, and there will come a choice point for you to either join in and be transported by the bigness of the music, the players and the crowd, to release a greater sense of separation and to become part of the energy expansion. 

Or, to slightly withdraw, to hold yourself back, to control your own expression and being, to observe rather than to experience. That’s ok. There is no right or wrong in that situation. We make the choice point that is right for us at the time. 

This month is similar. In fact, (sneak peek!) June, July and August all bring this big expansive energy. When I look to the atmosphere, I see the colours/vibrations stacked up, emerging, flowing towards us like that great wave of musical climax. We have these next few months to ease into the build, to make the choice, again and again, to either stay separate, or to expand into more connection. 

I have chosen connection, and to feel inspired and ready. Check in with how you are doing and where your choice point is at the moment. And pay attention to the same question as these next three months evolve. I suspect that you’ll be in quite a different place in yourself by the end of August. It is a good time to put your focus and attention on your root chakra in all of its earthy (and fiery) wisdom. 

What can you open your arms to? 

What can you open your heart to? 

Where can you celebrate life more? 

Where can you open more fully to the sense of belonging that lives so deeply in your soul? 

You are already enough. Just as you are. 

Can you believe that? 

The energy this month shows up as a rich and magnificent teal. It is a deepening of the turquoise energy that we experienced during May and the shift occurred in the last few days of May. This teal vibration invites a big nourishing breath, a relaxing of a layer of tension that perhaps has been with you for so long that you have forgotten that it is not a natural or necessary part of you. 

This is the perfect month for old patterns to dissolve, for deep griefs to ease their way out of your system, for you to rediscover some of your natural vitality. As your root chakra is activated and enlivened by this teal vibration, you are invited to continue to explore your sensuality, your physical needs and pleasures, your body-based experiencing and most especially to connect with your beloveds, or as my dear friend Dr. Jennifer Freed describes them, your ‘sacred crew.’ Tend to yourself, and your sacred crew. See yourself in them, support their dreams even as you support your own. 

Dance to music, prepare a feast for loved ones, make love, love yourself. Feel the soil beneath your feet and even plunge your hands into the earth. Dig, get dirty, roll in the earth. Paint your body with mud, yes, even a mud mask that you buy in a shop and do as a DIY facial counts! For those of you who menstruate, be mindful of the immense life force of your own womb blood. Honour it. Offer it to the earth in recognition of yourself as co-creator of life itself. 

This is the month for dreaming and doing, for stepping into your own empowerment; for dancing your own dream forward into the world. 

Be brave. We need you. We need each other’s dreams and dances and doing as much as we need our own. In the tumult and confusion of modern life, you are a radiant soul shining your own healing light into the world.

With big, expansive love to you this month, 

see you in The Gathering Ground, 



Join me for my LIVE Energy Forecast session!

I will be live on Monday June 3rd at 3:30pm UK time in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, where we’ll be exploring Sensuality and Sexuality. I’ll be sharing ways that you can work energetically with your extraordinary channels to bring balance and flow to your own deep juiciness.


In my Energy Forecast video this month I share with you a powerful practice to activate and align your root chakra so you can feel that deep sense of belonging and empowerment.


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