Horrible Headaches... and what to do about them

How many of you know A.A. Milne’s wonderful collection of stories, ‘Winnie the Pooh’?.

I grew up being read those stories and have loved reading them to my children. One of our favourites is when Pooh and Piglet try to trap a Heffalump.

Poor little Piglet gets terribly frightened in the Hundred Acre Wood and in the dead of night runs away shouting, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heffalump!’ at the top of his tiny little lungs. Well today I want to write about what to do when you are wanting to shout, ‘Help! Horrible Hairy Heachache!’.

Headaches are always due to congestion in the head area. Not one of us has ever experienced a headache when we feel wonderfully relaxed and delighted in our lives. We experience headaches when we are stressed, off balance, feeling like we are overwhelmed and juggling too much. In other words, headaches are our whole-body system telling us something is off-kilter and out of balance.

One of the big factors in headaches is the level of toxins that we have in our body. The liver, kidneys, and large intestine are the primary organs that deal with the processing and elimination of toxins from the physical body. The lungs are also involved in the way in which they move carbon dioxide out of the body.

Energetically, the aura and the chakras are the most important systems for removing toxins from the whole-body system.  And it is this aspect of balancing toxicity to prevent and treat headaches that I want to concentrate on in this article. We will explore other ways to work with headaches in subsequent blogs.

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the physical body are;

  • Eating food not suited to our body’s nutritional needs

  • Side-effects of medication

  • Hormonal imbalances 

  • Drinking more alcohol than our detoxification systems can manage

The most common reasons for having too many toxins in the whole-body system are;

  • 1st and 2nd Chakras too congested to be processing effectively

  • Being un-grounded

  • Stress creating Triple Warmer emergency response

  • Compromised connection between the head and the heart

So,  headaches are the symptom of imbalance. Mostly this imbalance is in the chakra system and the meridian organ systems that manage toxicity, they can be closely linked to hormones and stress, and (the good news), you can do something about them!

Because they are the yang support partners to Liver and Kidney (elimination organs), Gallbladder and Bladder are often working hard to keep the balance when Liver and Kidney are struggling. Think about those times when the wife in a relationship has just got too much to do….the husband comes in to play a bigger role in the relationship with family/work/home. He has to pick up the slack. But meanwhile, the wife is really struggling, totally overwhelmed with what she is trying to manage, and it just doesn’t stop - the workload keeps piling up.

At this point the stress in the situation begins to affect the husband, and whereas at the start he had been able to manage the situation really well, with a bit more work he is now feeling stressed and strained too. This is exactly what happens within the relationships of yin/yang partners in the meridian system. When Liver or Kidney are overwhelmed with trying to process toxins, Gallbladder and Bladder step up and try to hold the balance. But this wonderfully wise energetic solution should only be a short term measure, and if Liver and Kidney continue to struggle (perhaps we continue to eat food that isn’t good for us, or to have that extra glass of wine) Gallbladder and Bladder begin to really feel the strain too. With the Gallbladder and Bladder meridians encircling the head (and especially the scalp), when they feel a sustained strain one of the physical symptoms we experience are headaches.

I should specify at this point, that for most people it will be EITHER  the liver/gallbladder relationship OR the kidney/bladder relationship that mostly shows up for you. If you experience headaches then as you do the exercises below you’ll notice that one of them simply feels better to you, you will resonate with it more than the other exercise. That one is the one that you will use most often.

There are many videos on my YouTube Channel that show you ways to help shift your headaches. If you click on the links below you will be taken to them.

For Liver/Gallbladder headaches

  • First, work the neurolymphatic points under both breasts and either side of the sternum and either side of the clavicles (Liver and Gallbladder neurolymphatics)

  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance

  • Massage the scalp above the top of the ears as deeply as you are comfortably doing so (Gallbladder 7 and 8). I call this one the Gallbladder buzz!

  • Massage the sides of the breasts (GB23)

  • Massage the place on your outer thighs where your fingers touch if you are standing with your   arms straight alongside your body (GB31)

  • Massage the place between the first and second toes, but an inch or so towards the main section of the foot (Liver 3)

  • Finish by slowly raking up the insides of your legs, through the groin creases and up the front of the body, crossing your hands over your heart and taking a few releasing breaths here.

For Kidney/Bladder

  • First massage the area underneath the clavicles (Kidney Neurolymphatic Reflex points) and across the pubic bone (Bladder Neurolymphatic Reflex points) as deeply as is comfortable

  • Do a crown pull to create space for the energy in the head to rebalance

  • With one hand gently hold the neurological processing point (middle finger and thumb either side of the bridge of the nose and index finger on third eye) and with the other hand gently hold the power point (the indentation where the neck vertebrae meets the skull)

  • Take three breaths here

  • Place one hand flat on your forehead and the other hand flat on your abdomen below the belly button

  • Take several breaths here until you feel your headache shift.

You can watch me doing these exercises by clicking here

Liver /Gallbladder balancing for headaches

Kidney/Bladder balancing for headaches

They can be wonderful to do when you have a headache, but also remember to do them when you feel like the pressure is building for you. Doing them regularly can help balance the systems to prevent headaches.

We will look at other ways to work with headaches next time.

With love, Prune


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