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Hormones and Headaches

First up, an apology to men; this article is about an energy imbalance that almost exclusively affects women. There aren’t many broad topics in these blogs that are gender specific, but I have never seen a man with a hormone headache. And today we are exploring the connection between hormones and headaches.

So if you are male and interested in working with preventing and curing your headaches then relevant information will be in my previous blogs (Horrible Headaches and Chakras and Headaches).

If, on the other hand, you are male and have a woman in your life who experiences hormone headaches, then keep reading!

For those of you who have experienced a hormone headache, its defining characteristic is the way in which it is a whole head experience; there are no specific points of pain (such as behind the eyes or in the temples). It sits all over the head like a vice and creates that feeling that you are underwater, or deep inside a thick fog. When dealing with other kinds of headaches then the effort to create mental clarity can result in pain, but it is generally possible. When dealing with a hormone headache, mental clarity is impossible. You are literally being flooded with hormones that are getting in the way of clear cognitive processing. Those days when you have a headache and it feels like you are having to claw through a 10 inch fog to even see; that is a hormone headache.

So what are other defining characteristics of a hormone headache?

  • Often hormone headaches can last for days, affecting every step, every breath.

  • Hormone headaches will be just as bad in light as in dark and sleep isn’t always able to affect them.

  • You may notice that your headaches are cyclical and can be matched to specific times in your menstrual cycle.

  • Many women experience them during menopause, for months at a time, and as ever if something is out of balance hormonally, memory is affected. This may be that you are unable to remember things while you have the headache (many people who work with hormone imbalances become reliant upon lists through necessity), but it may be that you find that your memory is greatly affected for days, even when your headache leaves.

When I see the energy of someone whose hormones are very out of balance it looks like they have dense static all over their body. The beautiful flow and dance of the energy systems can’t move through the static, compromising the flow of energy in the whole-body system. When someone is experiencing a hormone headache the static around the head looks solid, dense and spongy. How many of you have had the fun experience of painting with sponges. You use the sponge to soak up the paint and wipe/smear/creatively pattern it all over the paper. Well, if you forget to clean the sponge when you finish your picture, you’ll find that the next time you pick it up it is hard and dense with the dried paint. There is a sponginess to it, but there is also a brittleness. This is the way the energy coalesces around the head when someone is experiencing hormone headaches.

So, what are some of the things that you can do about a hormone headache?

Start with a crown pull to help create space in the structure and thus the energy in the head. Remember, all energy patterns need space to be able to move. You can watch me doing the crown pull in this video.


One of the most effective ways to get rid of a hormone headache is to deeply work specific Mu or Shu points related to each meridian, known as neurolymphatic points. In doing so, you are working to stimulate the meridian into balance, to help the lymph fluid move toxins out of the body and to connect the whole-body system through these neurolymphatic points.

Many people don’t like to thoroughly work these points as they can be tender or sore, but there is no single way to affect more change in a hormone headache than stimulating these neurolymphatic (NL) points. And, if a particular point is very sore then massage it more gently, you will notice that over the days that you work with your NL points, many will get less and less sore as you are bringing more and more balance to the whole-body system.

There are many NL points on your body so practice working with them and create a pattern that makes sense to you to make sure that you get them all. You can watch me doing it my way as part of the Daily Energy Routine in this video (if you just want to watch the Neurolymphatic massage you need to slide the timer bar of the video to 7:05).

Hormone imbalances and hormone headaches tend to be the symptom of a deeply embedded energy habit, and as such, it will take a while to re-pattern that habit into one of balance and health. So commit to working with your NL points at least once a day. The reward of not living in that hormone fog will be worth it.

To find out more about easy and powerful ways to balance hormones, you can sign up for my online class 'Happy Hormones - Welcoming Ease and Balance into your Monthly Cycle'

With love, Prune


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