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Expressing Your Truth, Finding Your Power

This is a time to sit deep within ourselves, even as we move forward. Holding a dichotomy of stillness and action, depth and expansion, internal and external, yin and yang. ‘Ah, that old chestnut.’ I hear you say. ‘Just the small task of being perfect and holding it all together’. Actually no. This is the time to take the throat chakra and release it in its immensity.

Time to throw out everything that has been swallowed down, or diluted to make it more appeasing. This is the time to speak your truth. This may be with peace and clarity, it may be in awkwardness and hesitancy, it may be that you ROAR YOUR TRUTH OUT LOUD, or sing it to the Earth and the stars.

The throat chakra is unique in that it holds channels within it governed by each of the other chakras. That is because of the throat chakras primary role as integrator and communicator of the whole of the chakra system. Perhaps think of each chakra as a musical instrument.

The base chakra is an instrument that has a deep vibration, maybe a big drum beating out the sacred beat of your life. The sacral chakra is a little higher in its vibration, a playful cello. The solar plexus chakra higher still, perhaps a trumpet, while the heart may hold the lyricism of a harp. For the third eye think Aker Bilk on the soprano saxophone, and the crown chakra holding the vibration of the finest, purest, highest note you can imagine (I know it’s not exactly an instrument, but the closest I have heard to the sound of the crown chakra was a skylark singing a summer song. It seemed to hold the last note simply to please all of Creation).  

But the throat chakra is the orchestra. It takes the tones, timbres and notes of all the other chakras and lets them run through the centre of itself. When the throat chakra is out of balance then we can imagine it is a bit like when the orchestra is warming up, lots of notes and tunes all being played simultaneously but not in harmony. It might produce cacophony of sound and vibration that never quite seems connected to each other (do you ever feel like that?). 

It is the role of the throat chakra, in its exquisite fineness of vibration, to allow all of the individual tunes, and all of the notes, and hold them together at just the right tempo, pitch and tone so that each chakra sings its own song while creating something larger than itself. When this happens the sounds of your life become integral, authentic and expressive of the fullness of your soul. You can help this energetic movement by stretching the chambers of the throat chakra regularly - why not watch my video below and stretch out your throat chambers with me today.

By stretching each of the chambers you are able to clear congested or stagnant energy in the individual chakra so that it is able to flow easily and effectively through the integrative throat chakra. A bit like keep your instruments cleaned and tuned so the orchestra sounds wonderful! With love,



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