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September 2023 Energy Forecast - Illumination. Self-identity. Embracing joy

Can you feel it? The continued shift that the energy of August brought to you? How is it showing up? How are you meeting it?

As August was such a significant shifting energy, I want you to know that at any time over the next few months, you can return to the practice I shared in the August Energy Forecast video. It will continue to help you balance and adjust to this changed vibration we are feeling our way into. Remember, you have choice in every situation. You can feel wobbly, uncertain, anxious, overwhelmed. Or you can feel trusting, grounded, expansive, and joyful. Knowing how to balance your energy in relation to the energy around you empowers you in every way.

And that is exciting! For September’s energy is expansive and joyful and I want you to be able to fully meet that cosmic energy, consciously absorb it, and work with it to bring you what you need this month.


The movement from August to September, when we consider it in the flow of the year, is a deep movement as your energy systems shift with the turning of the seasons. We have crossed the midpoint of the year (the June Solstice) and are moving toward the next point (December Solstice). For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our beautiful energy system and body are beginning to traverse the profound journey into the depths of our beings. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you are moving away from those depths; moving towards awakening the bright fire energy that lives in your heart and can be expressed in the sun of daily life.

We are always moving in cycles of change and that brings us cycles of choice every moment of every day.

This month’s energy shows up as a bright yellow. Like the sun shining on you. It radiates through every one of your cells with a radiance that is captivating, maybe even enchanting.

You are being gently reminded that it is time to awaken to a different level of understanding: Understanding yourself, understanding your relationships, understanding the world you live within, understanding each other.

The energy of September is enlightening and that means that you are going to be lit up. Literally.

Light is an energetic vibration. You are an energetic vibration. What a great month!

Key themes

  • Illumination: You get all lit up 🌟

  • Meeting the change

  • Who are you really? Self-identity and authenticity

  • Noticing Joy. Embracing joy

  • Turning inspiration into action


I hope you can join me live on the 19th of September in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, I’ll be live with you sharing ways that you can align your energy to the Autumnal Equinox. The energy at the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices gives each of us a pause moment. It is a deepening and a balancing energy and I will show you how to bring yourself into resonance with this Autumn Equinox energy to help harvest the richness of your year so far to then help prepare you for the slow and gentle movement towards Winter. It offers you the opportunity to settle old patterns of limitation or dysfunction and to feel grounded, supported, expansive, and joyful. I hope you are able to join me live on the 19th of September so that we can support each other as we enjoy this precious and powerful time of year.


What it means for; body, mind, and soul!

Those of you who are regulars to this Energy Forecast know that I usually divide these three topics but this month, because of the illuminating vibration of September’s yellow energy, I have written them all together as they deal with the vast and interwoven topic of self-identity and the way that runs through your whole body system.

This yellow and illuminating vibration meets your energy and body most strongly in the area of your Solar Plexus Chakra. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Your Solar Plexus Chakra holds a strong yellow vibration itself so there is a natural ‘meet point’ here where these two similar vibrations can resonate deeply with each other. All chakra areas are flooded with vast collections of nerves called plexi, sharing energy straight from the cerebral spinal fluid into the relevant parts of the body. Your cerebral spinal fluid is unlike any other energy in your body system and carries cosmic energy and cosmic coding reminding you of your limitless potential and of your place as a beloved part of creation.

You can see from the above chart that the Solar Plexus Chakra governs your digestive and metabolic system, which includes your stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, and adrenal glands. BIG ENERGIES! And it is these organs and glands that will be illuminated this month. The question of course is whether the balance in them is illuminated or the imbalance (the shadow in them is illuminated.) Themes such as comfort, nourishment, self-worth, self-love, your identity - all of these energies will have a cosmic light shone on them through September.

This brings us to the essential questions of :

How do you truly nourish yourself?

What do you need to bring into your own life and your every day, to nourish your body, your mind, and your soul?

One of my teachers, Nancy Sherwood, once described the Solar Plexus as a vast black hole. Energetically, I think she is very very right! Black holes are deep, mysterious, and things can get lost or sucked into them (think Star Trek!). Your Solar Plexus is the part of your energy anatomy that can most knock off all other parts so that your whole-body system becomes compromised or moves out of alignment. The energy and information from below your waist/midline can’t connect with the energy and information above your waist/midline and this can create huge challenges for connection between all of your energy fields. It can literally be as if there is a vortex where your capacity to have a balanced, creative, and joyful interaction with your own life gets sucked out of you.

But!!! Black holes are also the vast cosmic seeds of creation, possibly the birthplaces of entire universes. And so it is with your Solar Plexus Chakra and all that it influences. Yes, it is the part of your energy anatomy that can most knock off all other parts, but it is also the part that can inspire the biggest flex, flow, and cohesion in your whole-body system.

When you are in your cohesive energy flow then you are able to live in your creative energy field. You have the ability to respond rather than react, to think tangentially rather than in rigid or blinkered pathways. You can feel empathy for others’ perspectives and compassion for their suffering. You are even able to explore your own projections, shadows, and false assumptions. All of this is possible when your Solar Plexus is balanced, connected, and therefore well-supported by the chakras beneath it and the chakras above.

In my video this month, I explore with you an easy and powerful practice that you can do regularly to help balance and support your Solar Plexus and all that it affects: your spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands, and your sense of self/identity.

September’s vibration invites you to get really curious about your identity; in other words ‘Who are you?’

And I really mean this in the biggest way. Who are you?

Who are you in your close relationships?

Who are you in your dreams?

Who are you in your longing?

Who are you at work?

Who are you when you are challenged/in protection?

Who are you when you are joyful/in expansiveness?

And when all of these come together to form the amazing soul being that you are at your core and every step of your soul path: Who are you really, behind the masks and protective projections? Behind the shoulds/coulds and comparisons? Behind the ‘never quite good enough to be seen just as I am’?

Big questions. And questions that are fully supported this month as each of us experience the illuminating energy of this September.

My wish for you is that you are able to commit to yourself this month. You are so worth it at every level. Commit to giving yourself a bit of time to get curious about the questions held in this blog. Get curious about yourself and what you need to be deeply nourished, in your fullness, and in your authenticity. Can you imagine your daily life if you could truly be yourself? No masks, no need for hiding or protection, no shapeshifting to fit into societal needs of you. Just you. Beautiful, strong, vulnerable, authentic you. Beautiful, strong, vulnerable, authentic me. All of us together. Now that seems like enlightenment to me.

I look forward to us being together on the 19th of September in The Gathering Ground.

Much love to you.



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