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July 2023 Energy Forecast - Cosmic Illumination. Re-Member Harmony. Dynamic Energy

I’m sitting here writing this to you on the summer solstice as the Sun is setting and the sky is full of that amazing midsummer evening light. The cosmic energy on this longest day of the year is fascinating in its bigness and balance. As I am writing, the energy field all around us is still the bronze vibration that has been present throughout June, but behind it, the next vibration is building, and it is beautiful.

Have you seen pictures or videos of the Northern Lights? That amazing, dancing green. I have only seen them once in person, and that was while on a boat off the coast of Norway. By all accounts, what I saw was a mild version of what they can be, and yet that experience was powerful enough that even as I write this now I can see that magical green dancing before my eyes. Well, it is this dancing dynamic green energy that will be moving through us and around us through all of July.

Key Themes

  • Cosmic illumination

  • Supermoons Supercharge

  • Balance within bigness

  • Shining your soul-light into your life

  • Sacred connection

It is a remarkable energy for a remarkable month that is packaged within two full supermoons, the first on 3rd July and the second on 1st August.

This means that on one hand we have the bright yang energy of the full summer sun and on the other hand the bright yin energy of the two supermoons all being housed within the dynamic dancing energy of the cosmic green vibration.

What's really important to remember about these big and bright solar and lunar vibrations is that light is energy, and energy is information. So during July your own human energy system, and that of every person and animal in your life, will be being flooded and illuminated with cosmic information. Because this illumination is both solar and lunar in equal measure we are being offered the potential to re-member harmony and come more and more into connective balance and alignment.

Questions for July

  • What are your natural gifts and how do you share them in your life?

  • What patterns in your life need more illumination?

  • What do you do to light up this world?

What it means for your body

As long as you are able to remain electromagnetically grounded this month, this dynamic dancing green energy is a beautiful one for your body to encompass.

Engage in movement, walk, swim, run, dance, laugh. the more you are able to bring movement into your day and into your life the more easily you will align to the big dynamic energy of July.

This is a great month for connection.

Open your eyes, your arms and your heart to embrace the bounty in your life, invite wonder and curiosity as your constant companions for they are the energies that create spacious healing within your body system.

In the video I have created this month, I have designed a Cosmic Connection meditation sequence for you to practise throughout July to help you remain grounded and joyful, expansive and dynamic so you can meet the bigness of the Supermoons and the dancing green energy field that will be all around you.

What it means for your mind and your soul

Can you conceive of yourself as an essential thread in the vast web of life?

That is what the energy of July asks from you. For ‘you’ are not a single entity. You never can be.

Do you know that there are more non-human cells in your body than there are human cells? The most recent research suggests that only 43% of the cells in your body are human, and the rest are bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea. You are an amazing symbiotic organism, and for you to be healthy you are entirely reliant on the interdependence of all of you (even the parts that you might not think of as ‘you’).

In your gut alone there are over four pounds of healthy bacteria that are essential for your well-being. In fact, when you understand there is more non-you DNA than you DNA, it creates the question of who you are.

Are you an individual, or are you a symbiotic organism?

If we think of Planet Earth as a grand organism teeming with other organisms, perhaps each of us is a miniature representation of the planet. If you didn’t have the good bacteria in your gut system, then not only your digestion, but your immune system, your vitality, and your very life force would be severely compromised. So you need that bacteria just as much as it needs you. You are a symbiotic organism not an individual, and together, as a human presence on this Earth, we are a symbiotic organism governed by waves of energetic information that we call collective consciousness.

So I ask again: Can you conceive of yourself as an essential thread in the vast web of life?

Can you take responsibility for the fact that energetically every thought you have, every word you speak, every action you take sends vibrational ripples through that unique thread that is you and affects the entire web of life?

And that this means that you, in your fullness, with all of your perfections and imperfections, co-create the world we currently live within.

July's dancing green vibration reminds you at the cellular and soulular level that you have as much right to be here, in balance and bigness, as the Moon, the Sun and the Northern Lights.

You are a shining light in the world. And so, so essential.

I hope you are able to join me for my live session in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, where I can answer your questions about this amazing July Energy and help you align more and more to its dynamism and harmony.

I will be live on Thursday 6th July at 7pm UK time.

The questions that you ask are so enriching; for me, for each other, and for our learning together. I am so looking forward to diving deeper into the energy of this month in a live question and answer session on The Gathering Ground

You can join me for this live Energy Forecast Q&A session on Thursday 6th July at 7pm UK time by signing up to my membership space, The Gathering Ground

I’m looking forward to being with you and taking all of our learning to the next level so that this amazing July with their supermoon illumination can truly light you up and help you expand into your big and beautiful life.

Much love to you,



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