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January 2024 Energy Forecast - Space. Sustained Focus. Leap Point


The energy during this first month of January is deep and dark. It is an evolution from the violet in December, showing itself as a rich russet brown colour, deep, dark rich and abundant with texture. It has a vibration that is similar to the power and immensity of a black hole, but russet brown rather than black. As I watch it meeting the collective human energy field it looks as if it is both dynamic and swirling AND totally still and silent.

The cosmic energy is not unkind, it never is, but it does not resonate with an energy that the human energy field will find generous or hugely supportive either. It invites you to go into your depth and continue doing the inner healing work that you began in November. Don’t drop the threads now. The 2023 theme of Sustained Focus continues into this month of January. 

Whenever you feel challenged this January, look up. Look at the clouds, the winds, the stars. Watch the world shift and evolve around you. You are part of the changing pattern in the fabric of the world, and are essential. 

Remember that since the start of time, there have been difficulties, challenges, and suffering and that it is an essential part of our continued emergence. Just as in December, continue to look for the joy, connect with the kindness within you and around you, and nurture your radiant soul so that you can continue to unfold in your fullest and most magnificent human form. 

What it means for your body:

This russet brown energy permeates every part of your body and physical being. You can think of it as a total body meeting point. This is a bit different from many cosmic energies that resonate with certain parts of the body more than others. Because of the total body meeting point, it could mean that it will exacerbate tensions, tightnesses, and physical ailments that you already have.

Healing solution: 

Activate your radiant soul energy to move through from your energetic core and into every cell. This month, your aura provides the key for your physical health and vitality, and in my Energy Forecast video below, I share practices to help you enliven and activate your aura so you can be held safe, strong, grounded and resilient.

What it means for your mind: 

What do you do when the going gets tough? How do you both hold on tight AND meet and allow the natural and creative unfolding that can occur? When you are pressed in tight, what are your default patterns? Where does your mind go? What do your thoughts shout at you? 

Conscious questions: 

Do you get angry and resentful?

Do you feel victimised and unsupported?

However it is that your unique and magnificent system responds in stress, the essential question is 'How can you support yourself during those times?'.

Finding the answer to this question is essential to help you activate your creative energy field and move towards health, healing, and connection rather than operating within the habitual energy field filled with adrenaline, fight/flight/freeze, and old limiting patterns. 

What it means for your Soul: 

This year continues as a leap point for humanity. As much as whatever you are dealing with in your personal life may feel ultimately personal, it isn’t.  It’s about us, all of us, and how we are co-creating our world together. You are an essential part in the collective human energy field. No one else, not in all seven billion people, are quite like you. Your soul is unique, your energy signature is unique, your template of health is unique, your dreams are unique. You are unique and utterly perfect. 

Soul Question: 

What are you committing to creating in your life this year? As you dream your vision forward, what is the first step you are taking this month to ensure its becoming?


Join me for my LIVE Energy Forecast session!

I will be live on January 8th at 3pm UK time - in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, to deep dive into January's energy, to answer your questions and to share more about the way in which you can align your energy to the rich potential within this remarkable colour.


With love,



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