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January 2023 Energy Forecast - Delight or Despair?

As I sit and watch the January energy moving closer to our human energy fields, the magical teal vibration of December shapeshifts into a soft and quiet pink.

It is gentle and yet steely strong. There is a determined expansiveness that is almost hidden inside the apparent gentleness of this vibration and gives great insights into the key energetic themes of this month

Key Themes:

  • Discernment and Choice

  • The steel of the centre and determination of the heart

  • Wearing the cloak of wisdom

  • Being a guardian to your own soul

This is a month for you to nurture your depths and support your heart and soul. What does that mean to you? How do you fulfil your most precious charge of being a guardian to your own soul?

My Soul Guardian to myself list:

For me, at this time of year, being my own soul guardian means:

  • Tucking in

  • Eating nourishing food

  • Reading things that wrap my heart in courage and hope

  • Connecting with friends

  • Sharing time with the animals that bless my life

  • Being alone in nature, being warm whether that is sitting by the fire or being wrapped in a blanket lying on the sofa

  • Doing yin yoga

  • Resting

  • Going to bed early to invite dreamtime

  • My own body, mind and soul are nourished by being in the light during the daylight hours as much as I can be, and then using candles to light my way in the darkness hours. I eat my dinner by candlelight, welcoming the softness and stillness that the absence of bright electric light brings into the evening.

  • Doing nothing. Sitting on a bench watching the world go by, or sitting on the clifftop watching the stars. Inviting my thinking mind to drop away, to simply breathe in the wonder of being a human being alive right here and right now.

What about you? What is your list for how you nurture your heart and soul?

This month, write that list out. Share it on my social media channels. I would love to see it. We would all love to see it, and share the ripples of inspiration. As part of the energy of Wild Reconnection that weaves through this year, sharing the simple and life-changing ways that we act as Soul Guardians to ourselves is wild indeed!

What it means for your body

This month the steeliness of this gentle pink could press your body quite hard. Remember that your body will always respond to the energy of your mind/your will/your intention and attention so there will be days when this month will feel tight and pressured, and days when you’ll be able to access joyful and gentle expansion. The area that will most be affected are those that generally hold least balance for you. So if you are often challenged by pain in your body, this month may bring that to the fore. If generally you struggle with digestion, this month the pressure of the cosmic energy will bring your attention there even more.

As I watch it affecting the human energy field, there is one place though that seems to be showing up for all of us; the throat. The reason for this is that, with its position in the narrowest part of your central body, that is where you will experience the most constriction. AND the most potential for release and expansion. It is also a powerful energy conduit of integration and assimilation.

In my public Energy Forecast video below, I lead you through ways that you can align your energy to the January energy and increase the potential for that balanced and joyful expansion through the throat and whole body system.

In the second video, which you can watch on my membership channel, I share understandings and practices to help you nurture that immense energetic resilience that resides in every part of your core. We also explore how to balance the energy of your immense Heart Protector system so that you can live your expansive life rather than your constricted life

What it means for your mind

There is one big question this month: how close to your centre can you live from? It is in your centre that your wild wisdom resides. At the very heart of you is your Energetic Core where your Soul energy lives. From that central place your Radiant Soul energy spreads through your body, your thoughts, your understandings and your daily life.

Think of a time when you have felt most balanced, most at ease, most able to move through your day in harmony. For you to experience a day like that, you were living close to the discerning wise wisdom of your central energy.

Now think of a time when you experienced a day very far away from your centre. Perhaps you were really angry or upset. Perhaps you felt despair as everything you tried to do went wrong. You can reflect that your day was messy, difficult, hurtful and unpleasant. That day, your Radiant Soul energy was still emanating from your core, you just couldn’t access it on a conscious level. Your energy fields were stuck in a habitual and reactive vibration, rather than being able to flow with ease and grace.

What could you have done on that difficult day to change your flow of energy? What if you brought the concept of Soul Guardian to yourself into your memory of that day? What might have you done differently?

This month, you are invited to hold awareness that at every moment of every day you have choice. You can cloak yourself in wisdom, or you can feel exposed, raw and reactive.

When we look at what is going on in the human world around us it is easy to identify with the despair, panic and fear all around us. Be especially mindful of also looking for the beauty, care and compassion that is also always present. You have choice and this month you are being called to be discerning about where you choose to put your attention and energy. Are you supporting despair, panic and fear or beauty, care and compassion?

What it means for your soul

This month, go deep. Continue weaving with the magic that the cosmic energy of December brought in. Sit with, play with, feeling into and weave those understandings like a tapestry through every part of your day. As an active Soul Guardian to yourself, be mindful to watch out for how you get drawn into and trapped in old patterns of thinking and being.

Hold on, hold each other, hunker down into your own beautiful depths, for this is time for your core energy to shine. Soak up all of the goodness in the world around you and reflect it out again. This pink offers great support in your ability to get more and more skilled at this, stepping up fully to be the guardian of your own soul and in doing so, lighting the way for all of us.

With love to you this month, and always,



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