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January Energy Forecast 2021 - Strength. Wisdom. Will

2021 is just about here, rolling in on the clear illumination of the December 30th Full Moon. This moon heralds a deep shift from the vibration showing up as the primrose energy field that has been surrounding you during the past few weeks, to a dark blood-red colour coming in thick and fast over the 31st December and 1st January.

This is an intense colour illustrating an intense January energy field, rich in its grounding, and loud in its clarion call.

This energy calls you to tuck down, feel your strength, and begin to express yourself from the new place of being that you brought in during the global challenges of 2020.

You. Personally.

The huge shifts and changes of the past year were not just to push you around and rough you up. They were helping you dismember the parts of your life, your being, your beliefs and values, and your energy that weren’t in sync with the changing levels of consciousness that are emerging.

And wow, how they have been emerging! In strife, in conflict, in love, in compassion, in challenge, in curiosity, in determination to be part of creating a better world for every living being.

The loud message pulsing throughout the coding of this blood red energy is YOU ARE READY. Your blood moves through your physical body via your 60,000 miles of blood vessels, held strong by the electromagnetic energy of the earth. Just as your beautiful blood connects, nourishes, and energises every part of your body, so too does this cosmic energy field; connecting, nourishing and energising everyone who is moving, inexorably to a different experiencing of collective consciousness.

13 years ago, environmentalist and activist, Paul Hawken wrote the New York Times bestseller, ‘Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming’. Right now, reading this, you are part of this ‘largest movement’, determined to bring a better world into being and the energy field of January supports this level of awareness and interconnectedness. It supports you, nourishes you and heralds you as part of a revolution of compassion, consciousness and connection.

When I look at this energy a picture comes to mind; a wall of hearts walking, a healing shield of compassion moving across the globe, with focused stealth.

This is the month to continue to ask where you want to focus your attention and will, and to hone your understandings about why that area of interest is calling to you on your unique soul path. The rich blood-red energy field gives you physical strength as well as emotional wisdom to continue to excavate the places in yourself where your shadow triggers unbalanced reactions or extreme emotions. Keep being curious, keep shining your light of awareness on those places and remember that this is not the time for engaging in the language of war, either towards yourself or about others. The language of war, of hatred, of polarization, of otherness is part of the energy of the previous decade that is being asked to shift, to change, to revolutionise. It is part of an older paradigm that our children will no longer understand as they grow in this evolving world.

Because this cosmic energy field is the colour of blood, there is also a strong field of creativity and LIFE that runs through all of January. It looks like it changes slightly in February but will be a constant for the first part of this year. How much do you feel like you are an active part of creating the world that you live within or how much do you feel a passive receiver or even a victim of a world that is being created by others?

This blood-red colour invites you to step up and take your essential part within the web of life. Within this web there is no hierarchy, no one being more important or powerful than another. Every thread is essential and the vibration through the whole of the web is created by each and every one of those distinct threads. This means that you, me, every single being co-creates the world. You have an active part at all times. In practical and energetic terms, this comes down to how you are relating to your unique pathway through life, for that is your thread. How are you relating to your ability to be YOU, to be your fullest you in all of your fears and all of your courage, in all of your challenges and all of your gifts, this determines the vibration of the entire web?

On a physical level, you already know how you are created by a vast web of genes within your body. Your genes determine everything about you, right? Well, not quite. The past two decades of epigenetic research have illuminated the way that your environment determines which genes will be expressed during your unique life. You are not a victim of your genes, ever. The environment that you operate within, or in other words, the energy that you experience during your life will determine which genes in your genetic coding get triggered into action, and which will simply lie dormant your whole life. And when you understand your energy, you get to determine what energy you experience every day of your life.

This means you get choice in what expresses. You are not a victim of your biology, you are not a victim of your life, at every point you are co-creating it. Can you reach for that responsibility? And vitally, deliciously claim it? I know you can. And this January energy gives us all a big push in being able to expand into that place of empowered awareness.

In every moment of every day you have a choice, but only if you activate that choice, only if you engage in that choice. Otherwise you walk through your day on auto-pilot being run by old patterns in your energy field that keep you alive, one step at a time. But you aren’t here to sleep walk through your life. This means you would be walking your path with most of your senses toned down or turned off, without experiencing the touch of the universe. Without hearing the song of the universe. Without seeing the beauty of the universe. Without feeling through your heart the tenderness of the universe .

The January energy field is going to give us all a good prod if that is how we are walking!

It is a simple shift from this place of auto-pilot, to active co-creator. You activate it through consciousness, through noticing, through being aware of the world around you and knowing that you are a vital part of it. When you take your place as co-creator of your own life and of this consensual reality, you engage in a different level of relationship. One that involves the sacred act of giving and receiving.

You have been receiving at one level all of your life from this planet, you eat food from this planet, you wear clothes that were created from this planet, you breathe air gifted from this planet. You have been receiving all of your life. Can you right that balance? Can you give and receive in equal measure?

When you are able to take your place as a co-creator of your world, your entire energy field becomes more expansive because of it. You become more expanded, more joyful, more peaceful, more aware and more empowered in every aspect of your life. This means that you are more able to connect to yourself, to your deep creativity, to your unique soul purpose, and to bring your wisdoms to others, to your community, to the Cosmos.

In this month's video, I guide you through what you can do to align with the energy of January so you can feel grounded and supported through the beginning of this New Year.

This January field is big, magnificent, intense and full of invitation for you. The magic is stirring, I know you can feel it, let it dance you through the month, inspiring you, holding you, nourishing you as you step into your life more and more.

With love, Prune


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