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February 2023 Energy Forecast - The Longing of your Soul

The energy of this month shows itself as a shimmering blue. Like a Ceylon sapphire, sparkling and shimmering as it draws ever closer to our human energy fields and our daily experiencing of it.

When I first saw this colour I was delighted for all of us. Wonderful, I thought at first glance, a lovely gentle movement on from the energy of January that we have just all experienced. And then I began to understand the vibration of this gorgeous shimmering colour more fully, and the depth of the energy of active longing that was held within it took my breath away.

Have you ever longed for something? From the very depth of your soul? Sometimes a depth of soul longing can make you feel like every cell is pulling towards something, even as each cell is trying to pull something towards itself. You can feel stretched and restless, maybe empty or sad, or it can create a feeling of soul sickness, grief and disheartenment. Those energies are all woven into this month's cosmic field as they stir in you some of the deep callings of your soul.

You are being invited to take deeper stock of what you really need in your life and just who you are here to be.

So, first things first. Remember ‘all will be well’ and that this year the theme of Conscious Exploration helps guide you through the intensity of this month. You can read more about the Overview of 2023 here.

Key Themes for February

  • Soul calling

  • Longing

  • Sadness

  • Listening to your own needs

  • Remembering who you really are

This sapphire blue will weave through you and around you, reminding you of who you are. The biggest longing you could feel is a longing for yourself in your full authenticity, your full magnificence.

Perhaps you experience longing and grief for losses in your life so far, or you long for ease and understanding from others. Maybe this month will inspire longing for absent beloveds and for those who no longer walk beside you.

Collectively we will experience a longing for a better way of us all living together on this Earth and for solutions to our current global crisis.

I want to encourage you to sit with every aspect of your longing. Identify what it is that you long for. To the ancient Celts, longing was a much honoured source of inspiration. Only if you longed for something could you attain it.

Your longing is poetry sung from your soul to inspire you in your choices, your decisions and your actions; identify your longing, feel into it, listen to it, think about it, talk to it, talk about it with friends and take time to understand it this month.

Some guiding questions to explore this month are:

  • How fully am I living my life?

  • If my heart could speak to me, what would it say?

  • How am I bringing my deep dreams into my daily life?

  • If there were no limitations in my life, what would I choose to do?

When it comes to the energy of longing, your heart directly affects your mind and your body, and this is because the heart is the meeting point through which so much of your energy system gets played out.

I want to create a picture here of what happens to you and your energy systems when the cosmic energy begins to interface with you and how it affects every single part of you.

The shifting cosmic energy begins to come closer to your body system. It is picked up first by the outer edges of your aura, and then via your aura’s amazing intricate web of energetic threads it gets carried deeper and deeper into your whole body system. This additional vibration moves into every chakra, every meridian, your blood, your cells, your nervous system, your everything. Simultaneously, the cosmic vibration begins to move into your energetic core through your sun star (above your head) and your earth star (below your feet). This new vibration is then radiated out through everything that you are, physically and energetically, at the cellular and soulular level.

When it comes to the energy of longing, all of the processes that I mention above meet in the heart. Your heart will literally be vibrating with the energy of longing as your soul calls more of you into conscious being in order to help you achieve what it is your deepest essence knows is your truth, your right, your reason for being here alive today.

Remember, you are not complete, you are not finished. You are an amazing being who is continually emerging. Every breath you take helps you be more and more you. Every moment has the potential to reveal to you a little more of you, a little more of the amazing, unique and magnificent human that you are.

February Energy Forecast Videos

In my Energy Forecast video below, called Boost your energy, Nourish your soul, I share simple and powerful practices to help you ensure that the energy of your heart can hold the big shifts of this month and even align to the beautiful inspiration that can unfurl within the place of longing. I don’t want you to feel disheartened or overwhelmed this month. I want you to feel empowered, restored and inspired as you listen to your own soul callings.

With big love to you. My wish for you is that your soul calling sings through your dreams, whispering its truth and beauty into your daily life until you truly know just how magnificent and essential you are.



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