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April 2024 Energy Forecast - Leap. Trust. Move.

What do you do when you are squeezed by external and internal pressure?

Do you retreat deeper and deeper, getting smaller and quieter with each breath bringing in less oxygen and less replenishing energy? 

Do you come out fighting, raging against the pressure, burning up your reserves of energy? 

Or do you hit the big pause button on your radiance, your power, your own shining light, instead encircling yourself in overwhelm or procrastination? 

Which of these is your current strategy as we all navigate these changing and challenging times?

This month we enter the space between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, with 2 eclipses to add to the energetic mix. The Equinox and then the full moon of March 25th usher in the transition from the rich plummy red vibration that we’ve been surrounded within to a deep ocean blue vibration this April. 

The depth of this vibration will feel both fast and profound asking us to not only be the wave, but the ocean as well. You may well feel the vast tendrils of watery connection with all of the cosmos, moving through your consciousness, your dreams, your life. Each of us is made of water and when this kind of cosmic energy moves so strongly within and around us, it reminds us that we are always and intimately interconnective. And this may well show up as a feeling of pressure in your life as you are stretched to comprehend more. More about your life, more about the world, more about how they co-exist.

April’s energy will empower you to invite radical curiosity into your life. Especially radical curiosity about how you meet the places of tension, pressure, and polarisation no matter where or how you experience it in your own daily life. This pressure may be in personal relationships, community or political machinations, or simply in the deep places of your own thought patterns around your self worth or life purpose.

Remember that one of the big themes during 2024 is that of Sacred Midwifing of the World. 

The foundations of our global human society are crumbling and being rebuilt simultaneously. Each of us has a sacred role as the midwives to our new world. This rebuilding is a deep emerging, vast in its potential and already in process. This year we are invited to get really curious about how we honour the death of the old ways, the institutionalised imbalance and the injustice in the world. How do we bring our own sacred medicine bag to the death bed of what needs to be transitioned in our lives and in our cultures, and work with compassion and tenderness to midwife ourselves and each other?

Tend to your courage, tend to your hope, encourage your radiant soul to shine through your every thought, every word, every act. Now is the time for sacred witnessing of yourself and all that is to come. 

What it means for your body and mind

This month you may well find the pressure building in your solar plexus, inviting or forcing you to question who you are in your authenticity, in your masks, in your truth and in your deceptions. What are you choosing to hide from the world and how might you shine it forward in truth and courage? 

Your diaphragm, solar plexus, bladder and nervous system are the places that could feel the squeeze of transformation this month, and in my live session on Thursday April 4th I’ll be showing you ways that you can invite more health and harmony with a gentle and powerful practice to reset your nervous system. You’ll be able to use this over the upcoming months to find more alignment and ease this month and through to the Summer Solstice. 

MOVEMENT is also vital for how to meet this upcoming energy. Sing. Move. Shout. Run. Dance. Dig your garden. Stretch. Whatever way of moving lights you up. Just as the ocean has to move, so do you, or stagnation or overwhelm may build to a great intensity. 

What it means for your soul

What does it mean to you to be a soul guardian? 

Can you be your own soul guardian? Protecting and shining your own greatness into your world? And yes, you are great. In your own sweet and wild way, you are great. And so essential. 

Once you have become a soul guardian to yourself, can you be a soul guardian to the world? Big question, as deep as the ocean herself, carried on this deep ocean blue vibration that April is bringing. Resplendent, resonant, rich. Wow. 

Where can you shine brighter in your own life?  

Where can you be even more you? You are magnificent. 

I so wish I could show you your own energy field. Really, truly show you what you look like. What you are. Just how remarkable and beautiful you are, every second of every day and night. 

You are not your story. You are not your fears. Your story and your fears are important, they weave threads of your soul energy into your daily life. But you are much much more. 

You are light and energy. You are the power and potential of the cosmos. You are encoded with wisdom. Your own wisdom rolling out from your centre in great waves of light and energy. You are astoundingly magnificent. 

And somewhere, in every cell, in every heartbeat, in every neurological pathway, you know this to be true already. Even the decades of mainstream media stories cannot shake the knowledge of your own beauty, power and capacity for love.

My wish for you is that April’s energy lights you up and inspires you to move, to leap, to trust in your own wild wisdom that is always, always flowing from deep inside you. Choose to listen to it instead of listening to your doubt. Be you. Meet the pressure with your own magnificence and thrive.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at my live session.


Join me for my LIVE Energy Forecast session!

I will be live on April 4th at 3pm UK time in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, to share more information and energy practices, and to answer your questions to help you align your energy to this profound energy of April.


In my energy forecast video below, I share a bit more about this cosmic vibration and demonstrate two practices to support your nervous system.

With much love to you,



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