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February 2024 Energy Forecast - Pineal Gland. Light Codes. Joy.

YES! February's energy rolls in as a big brightness that starts the calling of the next season for all of us. For those in the southern hemisphere this yellow begins the calling of autumn. For those in the northern hemisphere it begins the calling of spring.  

The cosmic vibration shows up as a shining sunny yellow, warming our skin and inviting our souls to shine their brightness. Breathe deep, for after the energies of December and January, this sunny yellow is like a breath of fresh air, invigorating and rejuvenating. 

Now is the time to store this yellow; like the winter sun. Hold this beauty, absorb it, tuck it deep. There will be times this year when you need to call it up, need to draw on this deep reserve of sun yellow, bright within your core.


Join me for my LIVE Energy Forecast session!

I will be live on February 12th at 3pm UK time in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, to share more information and energy practices, and to answer your questions to help you align your energy to this joyous energy of February.


In my energy forecast video below, I share a practice to help you activate some of that light energy of this yellow vibration and increase its absorption in the pineal gland.

As well as looking at the energy of February, I have also tracked the cosmic energy that will be rolling out and impacting us during the upcoming year, so I can bring forward the key energetic themes and insights to help you enhance your ability to understand and align with what is coming up in the next 12 months. You can read my energy overview of 2024 in this separate blog post here.

With love



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