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March 2024 Energy Forecast - Liver Health. Passion. Intensity.

What a change of energy! February’s sunny yellow vibration has evolved into a thick, deep, plummy red


  • Passion!

  • Intensity

  • Tend to your Integrity

  • Tend to your tenderness

  • Nurture your heart

The energy of the March is pulsing and thick. It encourages movement and go go go. Are you ready for that? Have you restored enough through the deep winter to ride on the gifts that this vibration is bringing? Or are there edges of tiredness, depletion or disconnection still at play in your system?

Ohh, suddenly as I sit here writing this and watching the meet point of energy fields, there is so much I want to say. But maybe first, we need to back up a couple of steps as I want to make sure you know why the energy of each month is relevant to you.

Energy moves in waves. 

A unified wave of energy is an energy field; it has an organising principle and is cohesive (you are an energy field, so is every single one of your cells, so are all of your cells together, so are the cells of an organ, etc. etc.).

Every energy field is a field of information. 

Every energy field is in energetic exchange with other energy fields. 

All energetic exchange is information exchange. 

You are continually in-form-ation. You are always emerging, impacted by all concentric circles of energy/information. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are Bruce Liptons’:

‘The field is affecting everything by their subatomic particles. So we are connected to everything else in the world'.

And Lynne McTaggart’s

‘The field is a matrix. A medium for things to go through. It is a repository of all information. A wave is a coder of information, so when two waves bump into each other they exchange information. They take on the information of the other. The field is a shadow of the universe. All of the information that has ever been.’

So, here we all are, little awesome fields of energy walking through our day radiating out and receiving information from everything else. This includes the energy field radiating from a single one of your cells, the energy field of your collective 30 trillion cells (you), the energy field of your aura or biofield, the energy of our planet (that electromagnetically fuels every one of your cells), the energy of the cycles of a 24 hour day, of months, of seasons, the energy fields of planets, of the cosmos.

I call these places of exchange the meet point and right now I’m looking at the meet point between this March energy, the Spring energy, and the Human energy field (this is what my energy forecasts are about).

Think of these three energy fields (Month/Season/Human) as concentric circles of energy pulsing and sharing information. For decades I’ve watched the energy of the seasons and the months meet human energy fields. I know from my own life that sometimes the meet point is challenging for me, but easy for a loved one, can bring a push of healing for one person and bring a ‘rug pulled from under your feet’ energy for another. There is no good or bad energy. Just meeting points and continual emergence of us as individuals and as parts of the cosmos. 

So as I watch this plummy red vibration (remember that colour is simply a visual representation of a vibration) there are several things that I notice.

There is one place in your body that this energy affects most strongly and that is your liver. In energy medicine understandings, your liver energy is responsible for moving all of the energy through your body system. It is vital and dynamic, pushing, leaping, connecting, assimilating, processing, determining what needs to happen where in your whole body system.

We can’t say that your liver health determines how you experience your entire life because it is only one part of your whole body system, but we could ALMOST make it that simple!

When your liver is not in its energetic health and balance you can feel angry, rageful, exhausted, judgemental, bitter, resentful. This can be externally projected but also internally, showing up as self-judgment, self-criticism, even self-loathing. 

When your liver is in energetic balance you are able to feel vibrant, motivated, joyful, impassioned, assertive and able to maintain healthy boundaries. 

If you have come out of the winter tired, then your liver energy may need some help to wake it up. In my video this month I explore simple and powerful ways to support your liver and then we’ll take that even further when I go live in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, on Thursday March 7th, at 3pm.

I’ll be able to answer your questions about this big, dynamic energy and how you are able to meet it in ways that make March joyful, dynamic and expansive for you. 


Join me for my LIVE Energy Forecast session!

I will be live on March 7th at 3pm UK time in my membership space, The Gathering Ground, to share more information and energy practices, and to answer your questions to help you align your energy to this passionate energy of March.


In my energy forecast video below, I share a bit more about this cosmic vibration and demonstrate a practice to support your liver and balance your energy. An additional practice can be found for members of The Gathering Ground.

With much love to you,



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